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Top 5 Shows Trending On Netflix Similar To Sex Education!


David Mudd

Netflix’s Sex Education sure won hearts, and we’ve compiled a list of similar shows trending on Netflix for you to binge!


The season is wrapped up with tons of stories relating to different characters. It explores all possibilities of a relationship-ranging from marriage couples to spicing things up, being in an open relationship or first-timers confused about what makes them feel good.

The show has covered all the aspects in a fun and friendly way and its a must-watch for you to explore!

She’s Gotta Have It

The series is bold and beautiful in its concept. The storyline features a woman who is comfortable with her sexuality and will do as she pleases. One of the best parts about the show is the respect and broad perspective towards female sensuality.

Fresh Meat

Are you one of those people who got true independence only after going to college? Well, this show will make you feel at home. It explores the lives of a group of young students at the college residence with endless freedom. There are booze, drugs, and sex which leads to some comical drama y’all will cherish!


While sex education explores teenagers entering into the game, Wanderlust covers a different set of people. It highlights the issues faced by married couples who no longer satisfy each other, who are looking for open relationships or trying to keep up their sex life despite the number of children.

A part of the show also covers dating while trying to keep the marriage together.


A young man comes to realize that he has been diagnosed with chlamydia. This sets him on a journey to figure out who among his ex-girlfriends was infected with the disease. It also explores how to seek true love in these busy times where life is so much more complicated than before.