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Top 5 Saddest Romantic Movies Trending This Week!


David Mudd

Not all love stories have happy endings, some have the most beautiful journeys with tragic endings, but in the end, its love that matters right!

Love Story

Does love see the financial status, is it beyond money? This story is a love affair between a wealthy boy and a middle-class girl. They marry young, and the guy’s family threatens to cut off his financial resources. Love will hold them together, but when she is diagnosed with cancer, who will save the alliance?

P.S. I Love You

To all the boys PS I still love you

Can you imagine living the rest of your life with the letters written by your soul mate? This tragic love story will fill make you weep a lot. Gerry knew that death was near and he wrote a letter for each month of the year for his beloved Holly. 

Are you stoked to know what happens after the last letter? Watch the movie to find out more!


This story is so tragic that it is impossible to watch in one go. The story is from the perspective of a younger sister who witnesses an intimate affair between her older sister and the housekeeper. She suspects this to be wrong and reports him. 

The story takes a sharp turn there as he is sent to prison and later has to perform military duties. Misconceptions can lead to really harsh consequences indeed!

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars

Cancer is such a deadly disease, and there is nothing more painful than watching your loved one battle it so hard but ultimately take rest forever.

The moments shared before the sad ending are beautiful and bring out the true meaning of eternal romance!

The Last Five Years

The film is adapted from a musical of the same name. It has some of the most emotional and heart-warming songs and can make your heart cry. It has happy songs such as Goodbye Until Tomorrow, and teary songs like I Could Never Rescue You. 

The movie is a must-watch for the music and romance lovers out there. Although the ending is quite sad, the ride is worth it.