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Top 5 Reasons Why We Should Take Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’ Seriously!


David Mudd

Here’s a list of reasons why we must take the Netflix reality dating show ‘Love is Blind’ seriously!

You Weren’t There

love is blind

You weren’t present on the set. Neither were you sitting in the pod listening to someone on the other side and trying to build a connection. If you are watching the reality show, you might as well believe that. Please don’t assume it to be fixed beforehand as it takes away the charm of the show. 

Take It Seriously As Acted Entertainment

We need to understand that the kind of people chosen for a show like this may not portray their true selves. After all, it’s a dating show, and in some aspects, it doesn’t have to be very serious. Somethings might seem to be weird but go with the flow of the show. 

Treat It Like A Real Experiment

We can quench our curiosity of knowing if love needs beauty. This show is the perfect platform to comprehend the importance of understanding, trust, and connection instead of looks. Take this to be a real experiment and try to decipher how the human brain thinks and acts in situations like this. 

love is blind

Money And Fame Are Addictive

Everyone desires money and fame, and often this happens due to lack of love and compassion in their lives.

Even if the stars are on the show to seek wealth and fame, the power of love can change the way they think. If the story does not end up being a fairy tale, they are satisfied with the material benefits they have received.

Their Feelings Are Real To Them

The human heart can’t deny attaching feelings to the person with whom you have intellectual conversations. It is a natural tendency, and we are no one to comment about the facts if the opinions are real or fake. 

love is blind