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Top 5 Reasons We Are Excited For The Upcoming Mean Girls Musical!

Mean Girls is back with a new twist, a musical! Here's some sneak-peek into how the musical is going to be like!

Janis Will Shine

When compared to the movie, Janis will get more stage time. She's brilliant, and we did not see a lot of her in the film, but the musical will compensate for sure. Janis has some outstanding items lined up in the show. So be ready to face a lot of sassy comments by this boss lady we all admire. But you'll be groovy when it comes to the perfect tempo.

Social Media Is A Thing

The film was released before social media had become widespread. Social media is its little world, and you have to keep up there if you want to be in the little bubble of fame. Regina George will have quite a difference in her fan following pre and post getting hit by the bus.

Tina Is Back To Write It!

Tina Fey, the original writer of the Mean Girls, is going to come back! She's exceptionally skilled to transform a class piece into a movie and then again into a musical. The film was relatable to another level, and we have our hopes high from the upcoming music as well.

There are going to be new quotes to say and a lot more of memes, and we cannot be any less excited to overload our library with them!

Maybe We'll Get Some Diversity.

In the original movie, the cast was an all-white woman cast. But things have spiced up when it comes to the musical. Gretchen's role is taken over by an Asian American actress whereas Ashley Park's role was taken up by a Latina actress. This will make it more diverse and fun to watch indeed.


The musical has some crazy good soundtrack lined up. Jeff Richmond composed the music alongside Nell Benjamin, who has written all of the lyrics. There will be new additions to the musical and we cannot wait to hear some new tracks! 

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