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Top 5 Jennifer Aniston Movies You Must Watch Right Away!

Jennifer Aniston is one of the evergreen, talented, versatile and beautiful actresses out there. We have made you a list of some of her best movies to binge!

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The Iron Giant

This film is regarded as the best work of Jennifer Aniston. The storyline of the movie revolves around a boy who becomes friends with a robot-like old alien. Their relationship is endangered because the government threatens to finish the alien, once and for all.

Marley & Me

This film has a lot of comical instances, but at the same time, it has a compelling emotional message. It isn’t precise for a viewer to get to the end of the film without shedding tears. The storyline is about how much impact a dog can cause on a family.

We’re The Millers

This film is hilarious and will probably cause you a stomach ache. The plot is about a drug-dealer who fakes a family with a wife (played by Jennifer Aniston) and two kids to smuggle drugs from Mexico to the USA.

Horrible Bosses

You ever wondered how Jennifer Aniston would be like if she were a villain? Well, this movie will provide a prompt answer to that question. The story is about three men who are tired of their work and decide to take revenge on their terrible bosses. 

Jennifer plays the role of a Dentist who threatens her assistant, Dale. She says that she is going to cause complications in his marriage if he refuses to sleep with her. The film is dotted with a lot of drama and would keep you entertained for sure.

He’s Just Not That Into You

Aniston plays the role of Beth. She decides to leave her long-time partner because she thinks that he is not going to marry her. Eventually, she realizes that he is the best person she’d want a relationship with, be it with or without marriage.

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