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Top 5 Advantages Of Zoom Over Other Video Calling Apps


David Mudd

Since the lockdown and work at home season started, the number of people using video conferencing apps increased a lot. Most of those apps become essential for many companies and workers. One of them became most appreciated and used is the Zoom app.

Zoom undoubtedly became the most downloaded and used the app for this purpose. What are the things that make Zoom greater than other apps? Let us look at the top 5 advantages of Zoom which made it favorite for many.

Amount Of People In One Call (500)

The number of participants allowed in one video conference is the main advantage of the app. For a large organization with many important employees. And they need to do conferences. Zoom is the only app allow up to 500 participants. A business plan of Zoom will allow you to add up to 300 and you can add 500 users in one call with an Enterprise plan.


Auto-Generated Transcripts (Zoom)

When we are in a meeting, especially online. It is hard to take notes at the same time. But Zoom allows recording feature in the app. However, it is also a headache to rewatch the whole meeting footage and finding out different points talked about in the meeting. For that, Zoom provides a feature that automatically translates the things you are talking about in the meeting into transcripts. This makes a lot easier for following the things discussed in a conference.

Backgrounds As Your Wish

The customizable background feature of it is a fun yet useful feature. The user can change the background to whatever pictures they need. It makes easier for you to join in any meeting from anywhere without letting know the others in the meeting. After all, it is a fun thing to make your boring meetings a little bit funnier.

URL Customization In Zoom


For every meeting in Zoom. The app provides a meeting URL for others to join the conference. It will be a string of letters. But if you have a business plan in Zoom. You can customize the URL in a professional way. This will make it easier for others to understand and make it cooler in every way.

Email Integration Is Better Than Any Other Apps

It is the perfect platform to work in your business email while you are not in any work-related video meetings. Besides, it is not limited to any kind of user. All levels of memberships come with full integration for all email providing platforms.

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