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Top 5 Action Movies Trending On Amazon Prime This Week!


David Mudd

Here’s a list of the best movies with mind-boggling fight sequences you will ever witness in history! These movies can be streamed on Amazon Prime at the moment.


A goodbye party turns dangerous when a beast possesses a threat to New York City. J. Abrams-created film follows six smart and crafty people as they attempt to endure the turmoil and murder the beast unleashed on the city.

Death Wish

After his better half and girl are ambushed (and his wife passes away), an easygoing Manhattan architect moves towards the road of vigilance where he seeks his type of justice.

The Peacemaker

This geopolitical spine-chiller stars George Clooney as a military colonel and Nicole Kidman as a nuclear scientist. Their concern is to reveal a conspiracy after a train crash in Russia ends due to a nuclear missile explosion.

The Perfect Storm

Wolfgang Peterson’s film recounts the candor story of a group of fishermen. The lead roles are being played by the most-loved George Clooney and charismatic Mark Wahlberg. Their vessel was caught in an perfect climate crisis which could possess serious dangers.

Will the calamities of earth be able to take over the man-force? The film is mind-blowing and should be on your watch list for sure.


Charlie Sheen plays the lead character of a rookie. He surrenders his advantaged spot in school to serve his nation in Vietnam. A very important life lesson is learnt here, nothing in this world is permanent and humans are part and parcel of the almighty, they can be disposed and replaced with time.

Charlie learns in a jiffy that he is like anyone else from the group and is easily replaceable. In other words, it is not surprising that he endures a mental break when he witnesses a massacre.

Which of these movies are you keen to watch? Let us know what you feel in the comment section below!