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Top 4 Teen Dramas You Can Stream On HBO While Social Distancing

Top 4 Teen Dramas: HBO or Home Box Office is an American premium television network owned by Home Box Office, Inc. It is also a subsidiary of WarnerMedia Entertainment.

Top 4 HBO Series You Can Stream While Social Distancing

The entire world is facing a global pandemic that requires everyone to stay home. Social distancing is a crucial element to stop the outbreak of coronavirus.

Well, the house arrest seemed pretty exciting at first as people could finally take a break from all the problems of their lives. But being at home and doing nothing will get boring after a few days.

So here are some exciting teen dramas that you can stream in HBO while at home. Why not make this social distancing but enjoyable. We don’t need to panic and sit all the time. Sometimes it’s good to forget everything and just relax.

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Euphoria (Top 4 Teen Dramas)

Euphoria is an American adaption of an Israeli show of the same name starring Zendaya. Zendaya has done a fantastic job in portraying the 17-year-old drug addict character Rue. The storyline is unique and stands out from the rest of the series. Jules who befriends Rue is a transgender girl who is searching for her identity.

The plot follows the lives of other teenagers who are struggling with their anger, sexuality, school, love and every other problem a teen would face. The show aired on 16 June 2019 and is renewed for a second season. So it’s not too late if you haven’t the series already, you can still catch up for the second season.

Ja’mie: Private School Girl (Top 4 Teen Dramas)

It is a fun comedy teen drama to binge onto when you are lurking around at home. Ja’mie King is an extremely naughty teenager at Summer Heights High. He ways lands into some trouble with the school authorities. We can’t blame the administration as it’s all because of the troublesome behaviour.

We Can Be Heroes: Finding The Australian of the Year

The show is perfect if you are ready for a good laugh. The comedian Chris Lilley takes us on a journey to find the Australian of the year(it’s a fiction). In every episode, each contestant tries to prove why they’re the best from the rest of the nominees.

Big Little Lies (Top 4 Teen Dramas)

The drama series launched in 2017 and has two seasons. Madeline, Celeste and Jane are three young and wealthy woman living in Monterey, California. Their life turns into a pickle when a murder takes place in the city. The death turns their life upside down, unveiling many mysteries.

Make sure to tune into them while you are home arrested. Here are some other series that is worth your time: the Leftovers, Game of Thrones, The Wire, True Detective and The Outsider. Make sure to check out these as well.

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