Top 20 Hollywood Celebrities’ Wax Statues: The Best Wax Look a Likes You Will Ever Witness!


Saloni Singh

From Lil Nas X to Katy Perry, contrast these stars with their wax lookalikes . Which Industry Child is which? Lil Nas X helped divulge his wax figure at Madame Tussauds Hollywood in September 2022, referring to it as “frightening astounding.”

The figure wears a careful reproduction of the singer’s 2021 Met Affair outfit — down to the adornments and nail craftsmanship! — and is likewise the absolute first wax figure with a barbecue.

Bad Bunny

The worldwide reggaeton genius unveiled two wax figures at the Madame Tussauds wax museum in New York – Times Square in April 2022. The main elements Bad Bunny dressed in the outfit he wore during his 2021 Wrestlemania debut – a long, dark cowhide coat with dim jeans and shoes and a long-sleeve dark shirt.

The other, is the outfit he wore during his 2020 Super Bowl execution – a long, silver coat with matching jeans, shoes and durag. The coat is covered in silver gemstones and a portion of the stones are lined up under his eyes.

Top 20 Hollywood Celebrities' Wax Statues


The late Sovereign of Tejano was honored with a wax figure at the Madame Tussauds in Hollywood and New York in 2017. The two statues are dressed in a bustier, an outfit the singer was known for wearing while performing in front of an audience.

“I’m extremely glad that Selena is as yet being loved, by Latinos, however all societies,” Selena’s sister Suzette Quintanilla told NBC News at the divulging of the sculpture. “There are various individuals that affection Selena and I’m blissful about it.”

Adriana Lima

In 2015, the supermodel was introduced in wax structure at the Madame Tussauds in New York. Her wax figure was dressed in red underwear and wearing red heavenly messenger wings. It’s a look Lima was known for when she strutted across the catwalk for Victoria’s Confidential.

“They measured each place of my body to ensure they had everything right,” Lima told Vogue in 2015. “I needed to remain in heels in the posture almost the entire time. It was difficult, yet I am so cheerful about how it emerged.”

Carmelo Anthony

It’s not generally so sweet as coming out on top for a NBA title, but rather getting a wax figure made in your likeness isn’t something everybody will see during their lifetime.

Top 20 Hollywood Celebrities' Wax Statues

Anthony got his in 2012 when he was as yet an individual from the New York Knicks. From that point forward, he’s played with Oklahoma City, Houston, and Portland. In the event that the shirt isn’t put together with wax, perhaps they can change it out for one in purple and gold. Up to that point, see Anthony alarm clueless individuals at Madame Tussauds.

Danny Trejo

Blade himself was celebrated with the divulging of a wax figure at the Hollywood museum. Dressed in dark jeans, dark shoes, and flaunting his popular chest tattoo, the sculpture of the Trejo is likewise employing a cleaver covered in blood.

We’re certain a wax mold can’t behead heads like his vigilante character, however we’ll remain back nonetheless. “I’ve been killed a larger number of times than anyone in the films,” Trejo said. “In any case, guess what? I’m everlasting at Madame Tussauds.”


The rapper saw his wax figure go in plain view in Orlando in 2015. That very year, he released his 10th collection, Dale. The dark tuxedo the sculpture wears was donated to the museum by the rapper himself.

“Thinking back, it was an extraordinary encounter to sit with the Madame Tussauds artists who worked hard to catch everything about,” said in a release at that point. “Having been brought up in Florida, it genuinely is a distinction to have this figure in Orlando.”

Top 20 Hollywood Celebrities' Wax Statues

Alessandra Ambrosio

In late 2019, the supermodel presented her wax figure in New York City. In the wake of dropping the drapery, Ambrosio stepped dependent upon her wax doppelganger and looked at it square in the eyes.

“It’s so amusing,” she told the cameras. “It’s extreme to the point that look she gives.” Later, she posted a photograph of her with her sculpture and stated, “What an interesting day. So honored to get one more figure and this time at my second home #NYC.”

Ricky Martin

The “Livin’ La Vida Loca” singer saw his wax figure welcomed into the Las Vegas museum in 2014. It’s extremely durable home ended up at the Orlando area. For his sculpture, Martin selected the dresses himself.

“It was a particularly incredible encounter to participate in the Madame Tussauds process,” Martin said. “I’m genuinely amazed at how much work has gone into making this figure as bona fide as could be expected.”

Tiffany Haddish

Haddish went secret to uncover her own personal wax figure at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas in September 2021, and the experience was something to really remember!

Haddish shared a video of her gathering her duplicate on Instagram, writing in the subtitle, “@madametussaudsusa I am so Honored to be made into a wax figure that really seems as though me. Much thanks to you to #madametussaudsusa and my glitz crew hair by: @hair4kicks Make-up by: @makeupbydionne styled by: @luxurylaw.”

“Hello young lady, hello,” Haddish said as she sees her own wax figure interestingly. “You very closely resemble me, young lady. The rests in the back matches my rests! Your dress is immaculate. She ready!”

In the wake of meeting her match, Haddish surprised museum-participants in a comical clasp she shared on Instagram.

Jackie Chan

The actor got the star, indeed, wax treatment when Madame Tussauds New York released a small bunch of pictures showing his figure in places all over New York City, making his last stop in Times Square.

Fans can visit Chan at the Times Square Madame Tussauds area, where the sculpture will be in plain view. The wax museum unveiled the new figure on Jan. 28, 2020, only a couple of days after the Chinese New Year.

Top 20 Hollywood Celebrities' Wax Statues


The late singer was memorialized with a wax figure, in front of the eighteenth commemoration of her passing. Aaliyah’s sibling Rashad Haughton was in participation as Madame Tussauds unveiled the look-a-like in Las Vegas on Aug. 21, 2019.

Clad in calfskin jeans and metallic bra, the figure is a sign of approval for Aaliyah‘s famous “Attempt Once more” music video from 2000.

Shawn Mendes

Who hasn’t longed for clasping hands with the “Señorita” singer? Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Berlin is currently allowing fans that opportunity.


Welcome to the peculiar and odd universe of big name wax figures, where things either veer off-track wrong or very right. Madame Tussauds’ cycle is very arduous, with each model requiring 15 artists three or four months to finish, as per Business Insider.

The stone workers take exact estimations of all aspects of a superstar’s body (north of 250 aggregate!) from their eyes down to their moles.

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