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Top 10 Thriller Movies On Netflix To Send Chills Down Your Spine!


David Mudd

Here’s a list of the best thriller films for you to stream on Netflix immediately!


1922 revolves around the journey of a farmer to Nebraska, where he decides to write a confession about the murder has committed before. The film has been adapted from Stephen King’s novel.

Lila and Eve

The story is about two smart women as mothers. They are working to avenge the deaths of their sons. This is a beautiful and wild film which can make your hearts beat super-fast.

Personal Shopper

Kristen Stewart is in the limelight of this thriller. In Personal Shopper, she plays the role of a Personal Shopper. The movie is set in Paris, and she decides to dwell there post the death of her brother.

47 Meters Down

The movie features Claire Holt and Mandy Moore in the title roles. They embark on their journey to face the dark waters off the shore of Mexico. Can you suspect what could go wrong?


Madeline Brewer plays the lead role of a camgirl. She deciphers that she’s been mirrored in various films that are streaming on her website.


Jake Gyllenhaal resides in Toronto and is a history professor by profession. He goes to watch a film and finds that one of the actors looks just like him.


The silent place with millions of unknown secrets. Are you brave enough to decipher them? Watch the movie to visit O.G. Quiet Place.

National Treasure

Nicolas Cage is a cryptologist. The only objective of hers is to locate historical wealth. She attempts to do so by stealing the Declaration of Independence, which has a map to the tressure on the backside.

The River Wild

The cast of the movie comprises of Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon. The storyline is about a woman who leads her family on a rafting trip. Things don’t go smoothly because two conmen hijack the raft.

Secret Obsession

Brenda Strong pulled it off so beautifully, and no one could replace her. Watch the film to discover what is this secret obsession!