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Top 10 Sundance 2020 Films You Need To Watch Right Away!


David Mudd

Sundance 2020 has brilliant movies lined up for you to watch and we have collaborated the list to ease your selection!

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Sidney Flanigan plays the lead role in the film, and this is her debut performance. She is depicted as a rural Pennsylvania teenager who embarks on her journey to New York to get an abortion. 


The film is Lee Issac Chung’s semi-autobiographical account. It features incidents from his childhood. He was brought up in Arkansas. Steven Yeun and Yeri Han play the leading roles in the film as chicken sexers (who determine the sex of an unborn chick), they plan to move to Arkansas and start farming.

Palm Springs

Cristin Milioti and Andy Samberg star in this romantic-comedy movie which is acquainted with each other at a wedding. But their meeting at a desert in California goes the wrong way.

Crip Camp

Crip Camp is a documentary film that shows summer camps such as Camp Jened. This was a summer camp for people with disabilities. The film has a relation to it as co-director Jim LeBrecht had attended this camp.

The 40-Year-Old Version 

How interesting would it be to witness a 40-year-old transform from a playwright into a rapper? Such is the story of Blank and this film is a must-watch!

On the Record

The plot is about the incident with Drew Dixon, a music executive. She had accused hip-hop kings Russell Simmons and L.A. Reid of sexual harassment. This dates back to a piece published in the New York Times in 2017.


Claire Dunne is an inspiration to all the single mothers out there. She is determined to build her house all by herself after she ended an intoxicating relationship with her abusive husband.

Dick Johnson Is Dead

Kirsten Johnson takes the help of a movie to kill and bring to life, her father, in hilarious ways as he begins to lose his memory. A very innovative film and should be at the top of your watch-list!


While the beginning might seem calm, the movie ventures into its deep and dark horrifying world, the turn of incidents will leave you startled—a must-watch movie for suckers of the horror genre.

Promising Young Woman

Cassie drops out of med-school after a horrifying experience one night. Mulligan has played the role beautifully and brings out the exact feelings of the part. This performance is considered to be her best in the acting career.

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