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Top 10 Series Trending On Hulu This Week!

Here’s a list of the top Hulu shows, which should make it to your watchlist right away!


It is one of the best series to binge at the moment. The show was recently awarded the Golden Globe win. The story revolves around the life of a second-generation Egyptian-American settled in New Jersey.

Killing Eve

Jodie Comer does a phenomenal job in the series and is going to win your hearts. The American series explores the hard-to-comprehend world of a sociopath.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The series is based post the 99th precinct in Brooklyn, Detective Peralta, and his confidants trying to safeguard Brooklyn while also making you ponder out of the box. There cannot be a more intriguing and better cast out there.



Barkskins is a show that takes place in France during the 1600s. It’s based on a novel from Pulitzer prize winner Annie Proulx. It provides a fascinating glimpse into the struggles of various people living during that era.

Castle Rock

Hulu knows how to keep us glued to their screens! Since the commencement of season 2, the series explores the world of Castle Rock, Maine, and the spooky and scary things going-on there. It is a must-watch for all the King lovers out there!


George Clooney is one of the most loved and brilliant actors, and you’d be exhilarated to know that he is making a come back on TV in Catch-22. The series is limited, and the acting is brilliant to keep you interested always. Fun fact, it has been an adaptation from a famous book.

Veronica Mars

After an extended period, the show has finally made a comeback for one final season. The fans were head over heels in love with the high schooler-turned-investigator. Kristen Bell is going to steal the show once again and mind you, and the last season is going to have a bounty of surprises, all await for you.


The plot teaches us some valuable life lessons, such as to value friendship. Post her break up, Jules Wiley, played by Kat Dennings, has to enter the world of solitude yet again. It’s challenging to start new relationships at this moment since her previous one was pretty long.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

This is no ordinary reality show, and it has so much more packed to thrill its audience. The show has won back to back awards at the Emmys. The reality competition can be quite competitive because only the best drag queen can keep her head high. The show has a different charm altogether.


The series revolves around two teens of the 2000s, which, to your surprise, are being played by adult women. It focuses on how they communicate with their peers. The show is a little weird at times to digest, but the jokes will sure as hell give you a good time.

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