Top 10 Seasons Of ‘The Simpsons,’ According to IMDB Ratings



The Simpsons have managed their long-lasting effect on the audience and there is no denying that the adult animated sitcom is entertaining the audience for a very long time. If you recall the first time the series was instantly released, you will see that it’s been such a long time. With The release of its 33 seasons, the show has managed to be one of the most running shows on the network. The hilarious comedy, dark humor, and amazing plot have marked the popularity of the show.

The story of a family who mystically owns a house and a couple of cars without any huge source of income is what The Simpsons is known for. In the last 3 decades, we saw that the series has continuously managed to entertain the audience. 

So, in the last 3 decades, the series has brought some of the most hilarious seasons. Through the first season, the series sets back an amazing storyline that makes the viewers hooked up with it. I know it would be hard to select any particular seasons among them but still t, here are some of them that were tremendously popular. 

Though the comedy series has some amazing seasons and we will be going to discuss them in this article. Here are the Top 10 Seasons Of ‘The Simpsons,’ According to IMDB

10. The Mook, The Chef, The Wife, And Her Homer (Season 18) 

The Mook, The Chef, The Wife, And Her Homer (Season 18) 

The 18th season of the series marks the astonishing setback of all the characters and brings out some hilarious moments that are still loved by the audience. In the eighteenth season, we saw Homer Simpson go through a rough time when he had to deal with a comical situation. Although, he is not alone in this as he is joined by his dysfunctional family. 

“The Mook, The Chef, The Wife, and Her Homer ” saw a lot of fresh comedies and that’s why the season is in the top 10 list. The viewers saw Zany being more powerful than the other characters and his personality was flaunted during the season.

Furthermore, the viewers saw more dark aspects of  Springfield’s seedy underbelly and also saw the ups and downs of the family. However, in between all of these things the show still manages to put its best comedy in front of the audience. 

According to the viewers, the show has brilliantly brought out the role of other characters through this season, and besides the family, we met mp0re new characters, especially fat Tony.

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9. Homer’s Phobia (Season 8)

Top 10 Seasons Of 'The Simpsons,' According to IMDB Ratings

One of the best things that the viewers find about the show is how easily it creates its content regarding the tough controversy. If this isn’t art then what is it? Adult comedy is known to put a satirical image amongst the people and through their episodes, the motor is quite clear. 

The eighth season of The Simpsons was still new for nowadays viewers, at that time, society was not open to eh LGBTQ community, and same-sex marriage was a big taboo for those people. But as usual, The Simpsons came out with their season of heights and changed the whole concept. 

Ellen DeGeneres, the reality TV show host star made her cameo in the show through her character Ellen, As we all know that Ellen is a Gay so her character features all of these qualities and the series spoke about the matter, Beside raising a political issue, the show has been among the most hilarious episodes which make the people crack up. 

8. “Hi. I’m Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?” (Season 1)

“Hi. I’m Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?” (Season 1)

Many viewers of the series believe that the show went down as their seasons increased. It’s been said among the community that the series possesses an amazing plot until season 10 but that’s not true. The Simpsons have always managed to bring the best for the viewers but the first season of the series still has great respect for the people. 

In 1989, Simpsons released its first-ever season which brings the audience into contact with this problematic family. At that time, no one had ever imagined that the series would like this much. 

We saw that the family was celebrating their Christmas time and Homer was already having a rough time getting a perfect job. Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire”  is the forest episode of the show where Homer finally got the Store department job since he had to buy a present. Since it was Christmas, he decided to get something for his family, and that’s when we met the beloved pet, who later cracks up the audience. 

7. Bart Gets An F (Season 2) 

Bart Gets An F (Season 2) 

Despite attempting his best, Bart eventually couldn’t make up for his exam. The series, despite being an adult comedy dark show, also has an equal share of emotional episodes that connect the audience with the characters. “Bart Gets an F” is one of those episodes where fans can feel the pressure of examination through the character.  He gets frightened after his teacher remarks that he has to repeat the fourth grade if he can’t make it to the next examination. 

Brat has always been a fun and chill guy, And while many people may assume his character is a little too overboard for a kid to be, he still has a massive fanbase all around the world, The season released the bounce about his duality and besides being a cool kid, he is still a kid who is threatened by his teacher.

The second season shows many things about the character and Brat holds the majority of the stakes. His sensitive and emotional behavior is Protonix over the episodes and we came to realize more about his nature, the season has already been among the popular shows and even IMDb rated it with 8.2 ratings. 

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6. Kamp Krusty (Season 4) 

Kamp Krusty (Season 4) 

Lisa went for Kamp Krusty and Bart forgets his school report so that Homer will let him go. However, it turned out that the Kamp Krusty was a sweatshop. Brat and Lisa both went to Kamp Krusty but soon find out that it is not what they assumed it to be.

On the other hand, while the kids were already going around and having fun, Homer decided to lose weight and get back in shape. He also tried to grow his hair back again and that’s when Love breaks into their household. 

The fourth season starts hilariously and we see how things were taken ABC from every character. The trust and joy of the brother and sister were already broken when they went on the trip that was not what they expected. Marge soon finds out that his husband is trying to lose weight and all these things lead to her difficulty to love him again. It’s because her overweight and weird look was the one thing that makes her love him, strange right?

5. You don’t win friends with salad! (Season 7)

Homer wants friends in his life and that’s why he arranges a barbeque and asks all of his neighbors known to join it. He wants to be the social Bee but it turns out that they can’t win friends with a Salad. At a BBQ party, he served the people meat and when Lisa asked him to serve something other than meat, he responded by saying, “ You don’t win friends with Salad” the episode turns out hilarious. 

Afterward, they started to sing a song titled “You don’t win friends with Salad ” for Lisa, who was a vegetarian. Season 7 was rather mysterious and opened up a lot of new possibilities. At the same time, the season finally concluded the ending of the previous season where the show ended on a cliffhanger. We finally got to know about the killer of Mr. Burns.

4. “Shut up, brain! I’ve got friends now. I don’t need you anymore.” (Season 6)

“Shut up, brain! I’ve got friends now. I don’t need you anymore.” (Season 6)

The sixth season is by far one of the most loved seasons of the entire series. We saw the break of emotions and a lot of things happening there. The quote by Lisa to her brother still counted as one of the most popular dialogues of the entire series. We saw that the Simpsons went to a pool party that was suggested by Bart and Lisa. After that, the family went to Itchy & Scratchy land where they have fun until Bart and Homer were interrupted by the cops and who accused them of assaulting costumed staff members.

Bart met Reverend Lovejoy‘s daughter Jessica, and instantly got attracted to her, However, his failed attempts to impress her were only making him disappointed. But Bart being the cool kid finally managed to get her attention and impress her and these two young kids started their relationship. But soon, Bart finds out that Jessica is not like him and she has rather a criminal side. Her constant urge of Brat to be in such situations and influencing him towards crime was enough for him to report against her. It turns out that she was the one who was constantly stealing money from the church. 

The sixth season has some of the major highlights and the episodes have mastered portraying the story. We met several amazing incidents that moved the story forward. During the entire season, you will see some amazing moments.

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3. Stark Raving Dad (Season 3) 

Stark Raving Dad (Season 3) 

The Simpsons is a perfect example of a great series because of how the episodes of the show are interconnected to each other. Since the first season, the show cracks hilariously and the story continues to move forward without breaking any link. Through their storyline, the series tried to explain how the typical American family looks, however this raised several controversies among the people but it didn’t stop the audience from producing more seasons. 

Season 3 of the animated cartoon was rather more misfortunate as it consists of a series of happenings that hurts the character. It has more problematic scenes that were not funny but still, the season was ranked great by IMDb ratings. 

Homer was in a group discussion after he wore a pink shirt in the office. His colleagues were already raising several questions to boost his sanity. He is hospitalized at the mental health hospital after brat tests his capability. There, he meets Michael Jackson. Lisa is already depressed about her upcoming 8th birthday but her family and friends surprised her with a beautiful song. 

2. Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part 2 (Season 7) 

Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part 2 (Season 7) 

Lisa also wants to be popular but Brat is not happy with her decision. During one of Simpson’s holidays, he tries to enter a cool crowd. Mr. Burns was shot by an unknown person in the previous season and the viewers were kept waiting for season 7 to clear the cliffhanger. 

Finally, the most awaited season 7 was able to tell the audience who shot Mr. Burns? Mr. Smithers thought that he might have shot him because he was drunk that night but it turns out he was innocent. Later, the police found the DNP of the Simpsons, and also, Bruns calls out Homer Simpsons when he awakes in the hospital. Everyone thought that Homer was the real suspect and the police instantly caught him. Homer escapes at the right time but Lisa starts to investigate and finds some serious clues. 

In the end, it was revealed that Maggie Simpsons had shot Mr. Burns unknowingly and this managed to get back normally. Among all the seasons that the series broadcast, Who shot Mr. Bourns still ranked among the top shows. The story turns mysterious but at the same time, the characters were able to make funny context out of it. 

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1. The City Of New York Vs Homer Simpson (Season 9)

The City Of New York Vs Homer Simpson (Season 9) 

Homer finds out that his car has been placed in front of the World Trade center illegally and he has nowhere to find out why. The night season has been ranked among the topmost seasons in terms of ratings and after watching it, you will eventually find out why. Homer is traveling to New York when he finds his car displayed in front of WTO. 

Marge and homer celebrate their 11th anniversary about eventually got disappointed after finding out their sexual desire have been lost over the years. Brat stick some stupid value on his face which required immediate hospital treatment and because of this, Lisa’s last day of watching the Egypt exhibition was lost. 

In the ninth episode, we saw every bit of the family and the creators made sure to give enough screen time to every character. It is one of those perfect seasons which have everything and a person can’t judge it anyway. 

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