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Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies Trending On Netflix This Week!

Are you a science geek and are fascinated by discoveries in technology? Here’s a list of the top sci-fi movies trending on Netflix this week!

District 9

This movie is no mainstream alien invasion movie. The movie focuses on several other aspects such as class disparity and refugees.

Under The Skin

This movie is by Jonathan Glazer and the lead role is played by Scarlett Johansson. She stars as an extraterrestrial who is trapped in a human body. Things take a twist when she can lure men to death.

The Matrix

This movie can sure make you put your thinking caps on. We can explore certain mind-boggling questions about reality and our relationship with machines.


Are you one of those people who get jitters about global warming and the devastation of the planet? Then this movie is going to make you feel like home. Post an experiment that fails miserably, the humans who survived are caught up on a train that does not stop ever.

The Lobster

Colin Farrell is caught up in a tough situation with not a favorable alternative. He must choose the perfect soul mate under 45 days or he would be turned into an animal of his liking. Rachel Weisz plays the co-star in the film.

Men In Black

Kay and Jay work together for an agency and the movie follows the classic plot of aliens vs humans. This unofficial agency fights the intergalactic threats that are risky for the earth.



This adaptation of Andy Weir’s self-published novel about an astronaut accidentally stuck on Mars could easily have been bogged down by its maths and technical jargon, as Matt Damon’s abandoned botanist-with-an-attitude works out how to survive long enough to be rescued.


Cloverfield is a mixture of sci-fi with horror. Whoever thought that a simple going-away party could pave way for a deadly attack by monsters in the city? It is notably one of the best movies in pop culture.

The Discovery

Dr. Thomas Harbor comes up with a theory to prove that life could exist after death, this leads to an increased suicide occurring. His son moves to Rhode Island and meets a woman with a tragic past and right then things start to get all topsy-turvy!

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back for the third installation of the movie. Connor has to survive Skynet’s new terminator model, T-X which is destructive for the human race.

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