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Top 10 Rom Coms To Watch While At Home


David Mudd

Top 10 Rom Coms; you asked and here they are!

Introduction (RomComs)

With the novel COVID-19 embarking on a rampage throughout the world, staying at home is the wisest option. But it really does get monotonous especially if you’re a working professional and spend all of your days at the office. Work from home can also be boring and can make you feel losing yourself with no one to talk to. So, to break the monotony what better can you look for than RomCom? I mean there’s no perfect time or place for a romcom. It makes you laugh, melt in your tears, get you emotional, angry all at the same time.

Anyway if you’re done with your work and nothing else to do, let’s get you a list of all-time favourite Romcoms which can make you feel alive again. So scroll down the list we are offering and pick what suits you the best. And don’t forget to get that bowl of popcorn and some red wine ready to make it all the more special.

When Harry Met Sally (1989) (Top 10 Rom Coms)

If you’re a Meg Ryan(Sally) fan then you can definitely opt for this one where she shared screen space with the talented Billy Crystal (Harry). Both of them were complete opposites in matters of emotions and they keep meeting over different periods of time finally falling for each other.

Top 10 Rom Coms

My Bestfriend’s Wedding (1997)

Were you in love with your best friend? You know you had loved him throughout your life but when you wanted to talk about your feelings, he drops the bomb of his wedding with someone else. It’s too late even to try and all you do is wish good for him. Julianne (Julia  Roberts)felt exactly for her best friend Michael (Dermont Mulroney) but you know some things don’t work out.

Top 10 Rom Coms

Pretty Woman (1990) (Top 10 Rom Coms)

A business tycoon falls in love for a sex worker. Doesn’t seem like a conventional love story. But in this movie what initially seemed to be a one night stand changed into love story when the rich and charismatic Edward (Richard Gere) falls for Vivian (Julia Roberts).

Bridget Jones’ Diary (1990)

Bridget (Renee Zellweger) wishes for certain things in her life and writes them all down in her diary. She looks for love but her life turns around when two men vie for her affection.

Top 10 Rom Coms

Sleepless In Seattle (1993) (Top 10 Rom Coms)

Sam is still not over his wife, Maggie’s death. So his eight-year-old son, Jonah forces him to talk in the national radio to find him a right partner. And he meets Annie (Meg Ryan) and falls for her.

10 Things I Hate About You (1990)

When Cameron couldn’t Bianca following her dad’s strict rules, he hires bad boy Patrick (Heath Ledger) to date her elder sister Kat. But things go the other way around as Patrick and Bianca falls for each other.

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Crazy, Stupid Love (2011) (Top 10 Rom Coms)

Heartbroken and devastated, middle-aged man Cal (Steve Carrell) finds his lost confidence from his friend Jacob (Ryan Gosling) who helps him pick girls at a bar and be the man girls look for.

Top 10 Rom Coms

The Proposal (2009)

New York editor Margaret(Sandra Bullock) faces deportation charges and to escape it she convinces her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her.

Roman Holiday (1953) (Top 10 Rom Coms)

Yearning to come out of her luxurious confinement Princess Anne (Audrey Hepburn) escapes and falls in love with a New York reporter in Rome.

500 Days Of Summer (2009)

When Tom(Joseph Gordon Levitt)meets Summer (Zoey Deschanel) that year he thought that he could spend the rest of his life with her. But Summer doesn’t believe in relationships.