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Top 10 Outer Space Horror Movies You Need To Watch Right Away!


David Mudd

Outer space and horror? What could be a better combination? Here’s a list of the best outer space horror movies to send chills down your spine!


Ridley Scott’s work of art, Alien, is one among those exceptional not many films that never get old. It’s ageless, and to the present day, it’s as terrifying because it was back when it had been discharged. The story revolves around the Nostromo, as its creation it’s way back to Earth. The boat gets a pain call from a little moon and alarms the team. 

There, the group finds an outsider lifeform. While Aliens was more active, Alien is unadulterated tension and fear. The outsider gets free locally available the boat, and in this way the rest is history. 

Event Horizon

Amusingly, Event Horizon is presently dearest in both the ghastliness and science fiction networks. It’s viewed as a first case of the class, and there are reviews in abundance. However, when the motion picture turned out, it had been a finished bomb, winning a large portion of the film’s financial limit yet. The plot bases on the spaceship Event Horizon that utilizations dark openings to move quicker. 


This now mainstream film has since proceeded to be a darling top choice. In the year 2057, the sun is passing on, and a group is delivered to drop a bomb. They have reached the focal point of the sun to restart it. Be that as it may, on their way, the team blocks a relinquished spaceship that is by all accounts not all that deserted regardless. 

The film includes an eminent troupe cast including Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne, Chris Evans, and Michelle Yeoh, and proceeded to be named for different honors. 


Outsiders play out more like an activity movie than a blood and gore movie; it had been coordinated by James Cameron. Be that as it may, notwithstanding, there are still a lot of alarming minutes, and different components from the motion picture have gone down in mainstream society history, much the same as the outsider sovereign, Ripley’s capacity loader, and actually, Newt. 

Ghosts of Mars

John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars was a tremendous film industry blow and prompted Carpenter to take an all-inclusive break from coordinating. Be that as it may, the film’s disappointment wasn’t really on account of it being a frightful motion picture. 

On the off chance that watching this film feels frightfully practically like shake NY, there may be a motivation behind why. Numerous insiders guarantee this was initially asserted to be the third film inside the arrangement, titled, shake Mars. 


Executive Tarkovsky made Solaris show that science fiction didn’t need to just be about robots and spaceships. Instead, he needed something eerie and incredible. The film bases on a spacecraft that is circling a planet called Solaris. Unusually, the team locally available the boat has fallen into an odd discomfort, so a researcher is delivered to examine. 

Once locally available, he also capitulated to the condition. There’s additionally an issue of dead individuals unexpectedly showing up on the boat, which drives a couple of remaining crew members crazy. The motion picture might be a rankling mental loathsomeness, and that is actually what the executive needed. 

Jason X 

The film was obliterated by pundits to a high degree yet has since proceeded to be one among the first popular Jason movies ever. The horrendous outfits, modest landscape, and craptastic acting were what the depleted Jason brand required. 


A considerable space stage that is setting out toward a distant world is loaded up with savage humanoids. A great many people have secured hypersleep, yet those that are conscious, are compelled to battle, slaughter, and outsmart the animals, however each other. More terrible yet, the boat gets a transmission from Earth that every one life has been lost. 

Pitch Black

The film revolves around a boat that is made a beeline for an outside planet. A comet demolishes the ship, causing it to crash on an uninhabited planet. The Earth is kept in consistent daylight given several suns. In any case, sneaking inside the caverns are fierce aliens…luckily they’re photosensitive and can’t deal with the sunshine. There’s an obscuration seemingly within easy reach, which permits the entirety of the murderous outsiders to wander the Earth. 

Fortunately, on-board the boat was Riddick, a criminal who has changed his eyes to be prepared to see inside the dim. The film is crazy in that manner that every one Vin Diesel films are. 


Interesting to know what happens when the team of the International space stage finds Life on Mars. Not long after restoring the lethargic creature recuperated from the Earth, the group before long discovers that it’s a lot more grounded than people. Indeed, even worse, the more it eats, the quicker it develops. 

Life is so fascinating that it’s based on the not-so-far-off future so rather than the group having all the howdy tech devices of typical science fiction motion pictures, the ISS group in Life is compelled to battle utilizing the still-crude space innovation of today.