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Top 10 Netflix Movies That Are Bound To Make You Cry!


David Mudd

A few tears are vital to cleanse our bodies. Here’s a list of top 10 movies on Netflix that will make you cry!

Seven Pounds

Ben Thomas has a thoughtful objective in mind. He wants to improve the lives of seven strangers and to do so he pretends to be an IRS agent to win their trust.

Beasts Of No Nation

A warlord trains an orphan named Agu when a war breaks out in West Africa. He persuades him to join his group of guerrilla soldiers.

Blue Valentine

This movie can make your heart sink for it focuses on a couple’s relationship from every aspect. The sex-scenes appear to be very close to reality.

Dallas Buyers Club

The story is about Ron Woodroof who is suffering from AIDS. He smuggles pharmaceutical drugs to give it to others infected with the disease.


Harvey Milk is one of the first gay persons to be elected as an official in California. However, this is not the end yet, the real mystery is, why was he shot by a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors?

P.S. I Love You

Imagine having to live the rest of the life with just the letters of your late spouse? Can life get any worse than that? This heart-warming tale will give you more faith and strength.


A woman has been kidnapped and held hostage in a single room shelter. She raises her young son named Jack until they can escape. Jack has a big and scary world waiting out there to be embraced.

The Spectacular Now

They say that opposites attract and could be one of the best couples because they have much more to explore in each other’s domains. This story follows the classic tale of two opposites teens falling for each other.


The movie is set to post the Second World War in Mississippi where two families-one black and another white are connected by their neighbouring land. The film explores the complications of the tensions between the different races.

To The Bone

The story is about a 20-year-old anorexic woman who has spent her teenage days in various recovery programs but they don’t seem to help. She finds acceptance when she lands in a homegroup.

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