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Top 10 Netflix Movies Overloaded With Drama!


David Mudd

Do you love being a spectator to a dramatic turn of events? Here’s a list of best drama movies on Netflix that will win your heart!

The Breakfast Club

 This movie centres around five high school students from different economic backgrounds. They consist of a smart kid, an athlete, and a does nothing, a princess, and a criminal. They are brought together on a fateful Saturday detention. 

Ella Enchanted

The movie is similar to the story of cinderella starring Anne Hathaway. She is a young woman who has to counter a spell to make her endlessly obedient. Meanwhile, she falls in love with a handsome and charismatic prince. 


Veronica Sawyer is the most popular girl in school. The ravishing Winona Ryder is playing her character. Heathers is a trio whom she desperately hates but ironically considers her best friends. Her life turns topsy-turvy when she falls for a not-so-popular kid at school. 

The Kissing Booth

The Kissing Booth

Elle is any other girl at school, but she rises to fame when she volunteers for a kissing booth at the school carnival. She intends to kiss with her crush, who also turns out to be her best friend’s brother.

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser

The one who is bullied at the school has her life completely take a 360 degree turn when she helps the queens of the school to have a romantic relationship with their respective crushes.

Sixteen Candles

Life is tough when you’re the neglected child at home. Molly is upset and mad at her parents because they are focusing on her elder sister’s wedding instead of celebrating her sweet sixteen!

The Spectacular Now 

Two opposites- a party animal and a stay at dreamy homegirl, discover the beautiful world of love and romance together as they embark on their journey as a couple. The different choices help their relationship and never is a cause of any obstacle.

Super Dark Times

Zack and Josh have to face some terrible circumstances which arise out of the blue and through this time their friendship has to meet a lot of brutalities. Do you think they’ll be able to preserve what they have?

To All The Boys 2

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Whom will Lara choose? Peter or John? She has a weirdly attractive relationship with both men, and we are excited to know which chemistry will work out for the best!

A Wrinkle In Time

Meg Murray’s father is still alive, but he has travelled through time and space. Do you think she can get him back to reality? Watch the movie to find out more about this thrilling mystery!