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Top 10 Movies With All Women Group Trending This Week!


David Mudd

Gear up to watch movies with all women groups!

Charlie’s Angels

This film has been written and directed by the brilliant and stunning Elizabeth Banks. There is a twist this time as the Angels work as an agency, rather than just a trio of agents. 

The story revolves around the engineer who joins forces with the Angels. She does so after discovering that the company for which she works is going to sell hazardous technology-related products to its customers. 

Ocean’s Eight

The story is all about Debbie Ocean, who was recently released from prison. Her objective is to steal priceless gems from the Met Gala. 

She forms a strong and smart team of women which comprises of a hacker, a fence, a jewellery maker, and a pickpocket, among others, to help her achieve her goal.


This is the story of old friends who are keen on paranormal activities. Abby Yates and Erin Gilbert establish something of a ghostbusting agency. They are assisted by Jillian Holtzmann, who is an engineer, and former MTA staffer Patty Tolan. 



Four women become widows after their husbands are killed in a police encounter because of some heinous crimes they had committed. 

A crime boss is behind these widows for the debts their husbands owed him. This forces the woman to indulge in criminal activities.  


Lena’s life takes a turn when she decides to join a group of women scientists. This group is all set for an expedition into an environmental disaster zone called “The Shimmer”. This zone was created by a meteor. 


The story is about four women who were former strippers. They form a group and work together to seduce and drug Wall Street men and take away their wealth.

Hot Pursuit

The film is about a local police officer called Cooper. She is assigned to keep a watch on the widowed wife of a drug dealer. She intends to testify against a cartel leader.

The Powerpuff Girls Movie

This movie is a must-watch if you want to take a walk down the memory lane of golden childhood days. The film focuses on the story about the life of characters before the television show of the same name.

The Heat

The story revolves around FBI Agent Ashburn who has to work with Boston Cop Mullins. Their primary objective is to bring a local drug lord down.


Are you interested in a bit of suspense, thrill, and drama all mixed? Then this movie is perfect for you. It is about a secret organization that appoints women based on their SAT scores.