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Top 10 Movies Trending On Amazon Prime This Week!

We have compiled the best movies on Amazon Prime this week and you need to watch them right away!

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

The film is based on a novel by Jack Finney. Instead of spaceships, the aliens in this film invade in a sophisticated way, replacing human beings while they sleep with replicas that are physically just the same, but devoid of feelings and the complexities of the human heart and mind.

It’s A Wonderful Life

This film is one of the iconic Christmas movies in history. The most inspiriting film about suicide ever made. Jimmy Stewart stars as George Bailey, a man whose attempted death is restrained by his guardian angel. George is then shown just how much more terrible and unhappy the lives of those around him would be if he never existed. 


If you are a horror fan, you’d have surely had your soul torn apart multiple times by this intriguing movie. The movie was directed by Clive Barker and he has crafted one of the most interesting stories of terror to come out of the 1980s. It is a certified classic of the genre and needs to be watched by anyone who enjoys good electrification of nerves or chills down the spine. 

Bone Tomahawk

Horror can be mixed with several other genres, the most mainstream being sci-fi, and comedy. The film was directed by S. Craig Zahler. The movie never got a wide release in theatres but received a lot of appreciation from the audience and made its streaming run on Amazon Prime. The movie makes an unblunted left turn into horror country, not giving any more spoilers. The brilliant and remarkable cast includes actors like Kurt Russell, Matthew Fox, and Richard Jenkins.


Highlander is regarded to be one of the cult classics. The film has been directed by Russell Mulcahy. Christopher Lambert plays the lead role of Connor MacLeod who is a titular immortal warrior. He had been trained to fight by the Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez, he knows he’ll eventually have to participate in “The Gathering,” in which all immortals fight to the death. Opposing Connor is The Kurgan who is being played by Clancy Brown. Highlights of the movie include a rocking theme song by Queen. 

Captain America: The First Avenger

Chris Evans plays the lead role of Steve Rogers, who becomes the titular superhero as the consequence of an experiment. His purity of heart and always seeking candor, Steve was the perfect fit to become Captain America. Also, he was the best choice for the fight to the likes of the evil Hydra. Sadly, it would take him many years to finally dance with Peggy Carter.

The Disaster Artist

Sometimes the main objective of the movie may not be conveyed properly and overall, it would seem like a failed effort but the passion and the zest driven by the movie can make you ponder ultimately leading you to what the film is trying to portray. One such instance is this film which was directed by and the lead role was played by the notoriously eccentric Tommy Wiseau. 

Leave No Trace


The movie was directed by Debra Granik. The story revolves around Will played by Ben Foster and his daughter Tom played by Thomasin McKenzie, who begins the film living inside a public park in Portland. The pair spends a significant amount of time being alone, but after they’re arrested by police, they are forced to try and adjust to life in the normal society. Tom was fascinated by the charms of American life, but Will is more reluctant to incorporate change. 

A Simple Plan


Sam Raimi had directed the movie, despite receiving a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie wasn’t a huge success. The film was adapted from a novel by Scott B. Smith. Bill Paxton and Billy Bob Thornton play the lead roles as brothers Hank and Jacob Mitchell. They find a crashed plane with an insane amount of money. With Hank’s wife Sarah (Bridget Fonda) involved, an attempt is made to cover up what happened and keep their gains but things don’t go the way planned.

To Kill A Mockingbird


One of the greatest films of all time, it has been directed by Robert Mulligan. The movie is an adaptation of author Harper Lee’s novel of the same name. Gregory Peck plays the read role of an Alabama lawyer. He is Atticus Finch, a man with morals who accepts the task of defending Tom Robinson played by Brock Peters, a black man accused of raping a white girl.

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