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Top 10 Movies To Watch On International Women’s Day!

10 Movies On Netflix

Women are capable of doing wonders, and they seem to inspire us in every little way. Here’s a list of the best movies to watch on women’s day!

Coco before Chanel

Chanel is one of the most inspiring, charismatic and lovable women. She has faced harsh difficulties before taking up the career of fashion consultant and becoming Arthur Capel’s lover. Her journey from cabaret performances to owning one of the iconic brands of the world is moving. 

Iron Lady

The story is about Thatcher. It portrays the obstacles she had to face ranging from gender to class. But all of this was worth that battle, as she was appointed as the first lady Prime Minister of England.

Hidden Figures

The film revolves around three back women named Katherine, Mary, and Dorthy. They worked at NASA, a predominantly male-dominated place, but this did not hamper their dreams, and they continued to follow their passion for achieving their goals.

Becoming Jane

Jane Austen is a pioneer and notable figures in English literature. This film tells us about her journey. Jane was born in a not-so-well-to-do family, and she was pressurized by her family to marry a wealthy, young man. But she rebelled and went on to follow her dreams. The story is quite touching and is sure to leave a mark on your heart.


The movie explores the romantic relationship between Carol, who is in a very vulnerable state due to her broken marriage and Therese, a young photographer whose sex life has just begun.

Little Women

The movie is set around the time of the Civil war and revolves around the story of four young girls named Meg, Beth, Amy and Jo, who have varied ambitions. They won’t take no for an answer, and their bold personalities are lovely.

The Piano

Ada is criticized for giving up the piano and pursue her relationship instead. People comment that this isn’t the act of an independent woman, but little do they know that making a choice and sacrificing something for love is a bold decision and not everyone is capable of doing it.

Erin Brockovich

Mother of three, Erin loses her lawsuit and has to work hard to keep up a livelihood. She doesn’t keep up with everyone’s expectations, but her determination to work is inspiring and motivates all of us to face adversaries, positively.

Frozen I & II

There is no need for an introduction to this valuable franchise. Watch the magical Disney movie and have the most mystic and beautiful day ever!

The Help

Skeeter Phelan is an upcoming journalist. Her forthcoming project is a collection of stories about families in Africa from a maid’s perspective. This can be very emotional as it deals with elements of race and gender.

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