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Top 10 Most Successful Disney Films


David Mudd

Aside from Pixar and Lucasfilm, Walt Disney Animation Studios is one of the company’s most successful divisions. Several of their blockbuster hits had broken box office records since the 1930s when they began producing some of the most well-known and adored animated pictures of all time.

Wreck-It Ralph (2012)Top 10 Most Successful Disney FilmsTop 10 Most Successful Disney Films

Many of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ most profitable films were made in the 2010s, when box office numbers were at their highest ever. Because of this, they may not yet be regarded as classics, although Wreck-It Ralph, for example, may gain this distinction in the future.

Ralph, a video game villain, sets out on a journey to become the hero of his own story in the film. Because of its positive reception, it was nominated for an Academy Award in the category of the best-animated feature. A few years later, with a worldwide gross of $471.2 million, it was able to fund a sequel.

Aladdin (1992)

There’s a reason why the 1990s are referred to be the studio’s Renaissance Era. Aladdin was one of its most popular and critically acclaimed films. With a worldwide total of $504 million, it became the first animated feature picture ever to cross the half-billion-dollar threshold.

Classics such as Aladdin, which tells the narrative of an orphan who obtains power via the help of an alchemist, remain popular. In addition to his acting, Robin Williams’ voice acting is often regarded as some of the best in film history. The live-action recreation of 2019 exceeded the $1 billion mark, despite the fact that there was no sequel.

Ralph Breaks The Internet (2018)Top 10 Most Successful Disney Films

In many situations, sequels outperform the original in terms of box office receipts because they capitalize on the success of the original. For example, Ralph Breaks The Internet made $50 million more than its predecessor before it peaked at $529.3 million in total revenue!

Even though there are certain similarities between this sequel and the first, audiences continue to be enchanted by Ralph and Vanellope’s friendship. Aside from the fact that this coupling was entertaining, the film was lauded for its inventive depiction of many elements of the internet via which the characters navigated. One scene even included a slew of Disney princesses.

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Tangled (2010)Top 10 Most Successful Disney Films

One of Walt Disney Animated Studios’ greatest strengths has always been their ability to take classic tales and reimagine them in a new way. The same was true for other Disney classics, including Aladdin, Robin Hood, and Beauty and the Beast. Tangled was another example of this towards the beginning of the decade.

Flynn Rider and Pascal were introduced as entertaining additions to the original story of Rapunzel and her renowned long hair. This film was not only a financial success, grossing $592.4 million worldwide, but it was also nominated for numerous Academy Awards. An animated short film was made, as were two television programs.

Moana (2016)Top 10 Most Successful Disney Films

Some people have been given more attention in recent years by the studio, which has changed its focus. Moana, a story about a Polynesian girl who is selected by the sea to embark on an epic journey, was released in 2016.

Moana’s box office haul of $643,9 million may have been impressive, but the film’s significance extends far beyond that. Several years later, it still holds up so well that Disney is developing a Polynesian-themed series for their streaming service. In addition, the film’s soundtrack is composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, a skilled composer.

Big Hero 6 (2014)Top 10 Most Successful Disney Films

Despite the fact that Marvel Studios produces some of Disney’s most popular films, they were not responsible for at least one film based on one of their comic books. Walt Disney Animation Studios was in charge of Big Hero 6, which was released in 2015.

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In the wake of the death of his brother, a young prodigy forms a friendship with an inflatable robot.. They establish a superhero team with others in one of the studio’s more original films. The $657.8 million take was a surprise success. Along with an Academy Award victory, this also produced a Big Hero 6 TV series and a future spin-off dubbed Baymax!

Zootopia (2016)Top 10 Most Successful Disney Films

Walt Disney Animation Studios has nailed a number of different genres in their movies over time but in 2016, they put out their first buddy cop flick. That would be Zootopia, which saw an optimistic bunny police officer work together with a crafty con artist fox to solve a crime in a world of anthropomorphic animals.

With Zootopia at the top of the list, Disney produced a string of high-quality films in the late 2010s that were both critically and commercially successful. An Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and a TV series for Disney+ are also on the way.

The Lion King (1994)Top 10 Most Successful Disney Films

In the beginning, The Lion King didn’t quite reach the $1 billion mark, but with re-releases, it has now crossed that milestone, totaling $1.083 billion. As a result of numerous sequels, a live-action remake in 2019, a Broadway play, and much more, this is undoubtedly Disney’s most profitable product.

It was also unusual for Disney to produce a film with a wholly unique storyline, but such was the case with The Lion King. To this day, it is one of the most beloved stories in the world because to its heartfelt passages, distinctive music, and animation that still holds up decades later.

Frozen (2013)Top 10 Most Successful Disney Films

Over the years, a lot has been said about how Disney movies tend to fall into specific molds. There are a plethora of films in which princes and princesses are stranded together, and a romance develops between them. The animated film Frozen managed to defy those norms in 2013.

Rather than focusing on a love triangle, this story revolved around the bond between two sisters as the real heart of the story. The characters of Anna and Elsa and the song “Let It Go” became legends almost instantly. All of this contributed to Frozen’s record-breaking worldwide gross of $1.281 billion.

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Frozen II (2019)Top 10 Most Successful Disney Films

What worked in the original film can be replicated with just a few tweaks. When Frozen 2 was released to rave reviews in theaters in 2019, that’s exactly what happened. Mark-breaking $1.450 billion smashed the previous record set by the first one.

Oddly, despite the fact that it was a bigger hit than the first, this one isn’t as highly regarded. Anna and Elsa, as well as “Into the Unknown,” were still excellent characters, and “Into the Unknown” was still another fantastic song. This film was nominated for numerous accolades, just like its predecessor.