Top 10 Most Romantic Disney Movies To Watch With Your Partner



When it comes to watching movies with your partner, you should always head to romantic ones. There is something different about watching romantic movies with your partner. But have you ever thought of watching Disney movies? Well, when it comes to Disney movies, we expect them to be cute and have an emotional side that draws the audience towards them. Many people assume that these movies are only for kids however, it is proven wrong since many people loved them.

It’s been seen that after Disney produced their first romantic scenes, there was no stopping back. The majority of the people have been loving Disney movies as they have always had some amazing storylines and great characters. 

Get ready to have an amazing romantic journey with Disney’s movies that are worth your time. The show will teach you all the love and the cute gesture that will make your heart pound. While exploring such romantic movies, we know that it is hard for you to get in touch with everything. 

So, here is our suggestion regarding the most popular Disney Romantic movies that will make your heartbeat. From the high school romance to the royal love story, you will get everything that you wished for. Here is everything for you to look for. 

Sleeping Beauty 

When we talk about romantic movies, there is no doubt that we don’t add Sleeping Beauty to this list. It is one of the oldest Disney romantic movies. The movie was premiered in 1959, a classic cult, that was already popular  at the time of its release. You can say that the movie is one of their oldest and still, it feels completely fresh to those people who haven’t watched it.

The movie follows a wicked fairy who is insulted by the royal family. In response to her humility, she curses the royal princess in vengeance. The only aid for the curse is that it can be removed only by the three princes. 

People adore the beauty of the film and it has come out as one of the most popular old classics of Disney. The Background Music and Flawless storyline mark the movie away from the rest of the other. It amazed me that even after so many decades, the movie still brings out some amazing animation that doesn’t look cocky. 

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Beauty And The Beast

Top 10 Most Romantic Disney Movies

A story of a poor girl who melts the heart of a beast and transforms him into a human. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is one of the most popular romantic shows that they have ever come up with. It shows how a person can be changed after neutering them with kindness and love. 

The movie has already released its spin-off in 2017 which gathers massive attention and positive ratings. Starring Emma Stone and Dan Steve as the main lead, the series brings out some the emotional and amazing scenes that would touch the heart of the viewers. 

However, you can go and watch the original Disney Beauty And The Beast that was released in 1991. The movie was admired by Sudan and audiences of all ages and still, it is regarded as one of the most famous movies of all time.

The Princess And The Frog

Tiana has many dreams to look forward to but more than that, she is ambitious about doing great things and being independent. There’s no doubt that this movie of Disney is among those classic movies that have been received worldwide recognition

The story is something that one should see for sure, Tiana never dreams that his life will change after the unfaithful kiss to the Frog who turned out to be a Prince, Crushed Frog Prince. It took a lot more than a single kiss for our Frog Prince to fall for Tiana and that’s the beauty of the movie. Released in 2010, the movie is directed by John Musker and Ron Clements


Based on the popular old classic story from the Arabian Nights, an Arabic vintage book that has many stories, Aladdin is one among the famous stories of that book. In 1992, Disney officially aired the story of Aladdin and it turned out to be a smash hit. 

Aladdin is among those movies that, besides being romantic series, have that tint of comedy that was liked by the people of that time. The movie has inspired many generations and still makes people laugh. One of the major reasons the movie was remembered is its fantasy world that opens the possibility beyond our minds. 

Robin Williams’ performance as Genie is another reason why the audience loves to watch it. It shows the story of a local thief, Aladdin, who fell in love with the royal princess. Before falling for her, he finds a magical lamp and meets Genie. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas 

So far, we have only talked about the typical romantic series but I bet that The Nightmare Before Christmas is something different. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas touches the soul and leaves incredible messages to the people. The story follows Jack Skellington, Halloweentown’s beloved pumpkin king, who is not happy with his lifestyle. He is already bored of making people scared every year and is missing the spark to get back to his work.

But it is never too late to love and things change when Christmas town enters his life. His boring life finally has a reason to live and we see how the two people fall in love with each other. But that’s not what the movie is all about. One of the main reasons why everyone adored this film is how the movie teaches them to love themselves despite having flaws. The movie teaches the viewers to be themselves and also be proud of it.

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The Little Mermaid

Top 10 Most Romantic Disney Movies

To find her love of life, Ariel has to give up her voice but that’s not the only thing that she does for herself. The Little Mermaid tells the story of Ariel, the princess of Underwater and while on her way to explore the outer world, she falls in love with Eric. However, Ursula has evil intentions toward Arial and being madly in love, Ariel gets in trouble.

The series has an incredible story that draws the audience towards it. Released in 1989, the movie still marks itself as different from the rest of the movies that are made by Disney. 

With the help of Sebastian, Eric and Ariel find out about their true love in the boats where the fishes were already floating in joy. The song, “Kiss the Girl ” still has the same feeling and people will always remember this background music.

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Top 10 Most Romantic Disney Movies

Disney’s Tarzan isn’t always considered one of their famous Romantic movies but I think the film does have the romantic tint that makes it super classical yet amazing. The audience may or may not find this series as as lovable the rest of the movies that we have listed but still, the pure gesture of Tarzan, who falls for a girl that is completely different from him is what makes the show beautiful. 

The movie holds up some cute romantic scenes that might not be loved by many but there are still many people who make small gestures and follow them. Tarzan is all in love with Jane when he first meets her and throughout the series, we go through all the things that he has done for her. The movie grows bigger from protecting her from the evils to loving her with all of his pure art. 

Not only this but Jane’s iconic scene where she jumps from the Ship tells of their purity in love. Inspired by  Tarzan of the Apes, the film revolves around Tarzan, a human who was brought up by the gorillas. 



It’s not like the classic hit movie Disney is famous for, Tangled is one among their incredible creations which shows the amazing adventure of Rapunzel. Released in 2010, the movie has already been awarded many awards and the show has remained unchanged throughout the time. 

The popularity of the story is massive and the movie has attracted an audience of all ages.  Tangled is known for its fantasy and adventure of Rapunzel, a girl whose hair is not only long but has magical powers.

Seeing the movie from a romantic perspective, Flynn is one of the ideal boyfriends that every girl wishes to have. He managed to make the most of his heart and do everything out of the box to protect his love of life, Rapunzel. 

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Top 10 Most Romantic Disney Movies

Speaking of Disney’s movies, I don; think that we should leave Cinderella off the list. Cinderella has been one of the few popular movies that have been named after Disney. 

Cinderella is one of the very first movies by Disney that they have worked and you would be amazed to know that the story of Cinderella has turned out to be the most famous among them all.

The story has already been used and numerous games, merchandise, movies, and spin-offs are made regarding this. The movie focuses on Cinderella who wishes to attend the royal ball party just like everyone, However, her stepmother is not the best for her. Her evil mind has already thought of not taking Cinderella to the ball but eventually, the Fairy Godmother helps her and scouts her to the party but there are some rules for it.  

What makes the series super famous? It is how the girl never dreamed of finding love but still got it. They story of her is the most simple yet touches the heart. After attending a few minutes with Prince Charming, Cinderella never knew that the time would change his heart and he would be checking all around the town with one shoe. 

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