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Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities to Live in Wyoming



Wyoming, a state renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and serene landscapes, faces contrasting challenges when it comes to safety in its cities. While Wyoming is often perceived as a safe state, certain cities exhibit higher crime rates that necessitate vigilance and informed decision-making for residents and visitors.

In this article, we delve into the top 10 dangerous cities in Wyoming, drawing on the latest available data to provide a clear picture of safety concerns in these areas.

1. Riverton: A Persistent Challenge

Riverton holds the dubious distinction of being the most dangerous city in Wyoming. The city has experienced a rise in both violent and property crimes, with its overall crime rate standing 39% higher than the national average. This sustained trend in crime rates makes Riverton a focal point for law enforcement efforts.

2. Purple Sage: Small Community, High Crime Rate

Despite its small population of just 535, Purple Sage reports an overall crime rate that is 11% higher than the national average. The small population size significantly impacts these statistics, indicating a disproportionate crime rate in this community.

3. Cheyenne: Capital City Concerns

Cheyenne, the state’s capital, ranks as the second most dangerous city in Wyoming. Its crime rate more than doubles the state average, with particularly high rates of property crime. As a major urban center, Cheyenne’s crime rates underscore the challenges faced by larger cities in maintaining safety.

4. Casper: Oil City’s Crime Issues

Casper, known as Oil City, is Wyoming’s second-largest city and ranks fifth in terms of danger. Despite lower violent crime rates compared to state averages, Casper’s property crime rates are about 75% higher than both state and national averages.

5. Powell: Northwestern Wyoming’s Crime Hub

Powell, situated in northwestern Wyoming, has seen an increase in violent crime while experiencing a slight decrease in property crime. Residents had a 1 in 411 chance of being a victim of a violent attack in 2020, ranking it ninth in violent crime rates statewide.

6. Torrington: Southeastern Struggles

Torrington, in southeast Wyoming, grapples with the state’s second-highest rate of violent crime. Despite its challenges, Torrington is also known for its community amenities, including Eastern Wyoming College.

7. Wheatland: Burglary Concerns

Wheatland, an hour north of Cheyenne, had the highest burglary rate in Wyoming in 2020. This statistic is particularly alarming for a small town with just 3,445 residents, emphasizing the need for heightened security measures.

8. Newcastle: Northeastern Wyoming’s Dilemma

Newcastle, located in northeastern Wyoming, ranks as the ninth least safe place in the state. The town, while known for its walking trails, advises residents and visitors to remain cautious due to its high violent crime rate.

9. Rock Springs: Historical Crime Echoes

Rock Springs, in southwest Wyoming, is the tenth most dangerous location in the state. Its history of violent events, such as the Rock Springs Massacre, mirrors its current struggles with high rates of robberies and arson.

10. Evanston: Border City’s Crime Rates

Evanston, near the Utah border, experiences violent crime rates well above state levels. Its property crime rates, although only slightly above Wyoming’s average, contribute to an overall concerning safety profile.

Addressing Wyoming’s Crime Challenges

To combat these high crime rates, Wyoming has implemented several measures. These include community policing initiatives, crime prevention programs, and efforts to address underlying issues such as substance abuse and mental health. Additionally, Wyoming offers resources for crime victims, including compensation programs and counseling services.

Safety Tips for Wyoming Travelers

Visitors to Wyoming should stay informed about local crime rates and exercise caution, especially in the cities mentioned above. Basic safety measures, such as avoiding displaying valuables and ensuring vehicle safety, are recommended.


While Wyoming is predominantly a safe state with much to offer in terms of natural beauty and outdoor activities, the crime rates in certain cities present significant concerns. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for residents and visitors alike to ensure safety and make informed decisions about their surroundings. As Wyoming continues to address these challenges, it remains a state of contrasts, where serene landscapes coexist with urban safety concerns.