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Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in North Dakota: An Insight into Crime and Safety



North Dakota, a state often associated with tranquil prairies and small, close-knit communities, has its share of urban areas grappling with crime. This comprehensive analysis, based on the latest FBI crime statistics and local reports as of 2024, sheds light on the 10 most dangerous cities in North Dakota, offering a deeper understanding of their safety profiles.

1. Fargo

Fargo, the largest city in North Dakota, stands as the most dangerous, marked by an alarming rise in violent crimes. With a population of 124,662, Fargo reported a violent crime rate of 323 per 100k and a property crime rate of 3,745 per 100k in the latest year of data​​.

2. Devils Lake

Devils Lake, with a smaller population of 7,141, ranks second. This city has seen an uptick in violent crimes, especially rapes. The violent crime rate here is 278 per 100k, and the property crime rate is 4,122 per 100k​​.

3. Mandan

Mandan, neighboring Bismarck, has a population of 22,752 and ranks third. It recorded 82 instances of violent crimes in 2019, including 70 aggravated assaults. The violent crime rate is 360 per 100k, and the property crime rate stands at 3,080 per 100k​​.

4. Williston

Williston, known for its oil fields, leads as the most dangerous according to the FBI. With a population of 27,332, Williston recorded 142 counts of violent crime and nearly 600 reports of theft. The violent crime rate is 520 per 100k, and the property crime rate is 2,195 per 100k​​.

5. Wahpeton

Wahpeton, an hour south of Fargo, reports the fourth-highest crime rate. The city, with a population of 7,899, has a violent crime rate of 253 per 100k and a property crime rate of 3,671 per 100k​​.

6. Grand Forks

Grand Forks, with 58,781 residents, experiences significant crime levels. The city has over 2,700 instances of property crimes and a violent crime rate of 292 per 100k. Its property crime rate is 2,341 per 100k​​​​.

7. Bismarck

Bismarck, the state capital with 74,138 residents, has a violent crime rate of 300 per 100k and a property crime rate of 3,531 per 100k. Property crime in Bismarck exceeds the state average by over 60%​​.

8. Jamestown

Jamestown, home to about 15,750 people, has a violent crime rate of 232 per 100k and a property crime rate of 2,353 per 100k. The town has shown a recent increase in property crimes​​​​.

9. Valley City

Valley City, with a population of 6,559, has a violent crime rate of 238 per 100k and a property crime rate of 1,972 per 100k. Despite being one of the smallest cities on the list, its crime rates are relatively high for North Dakota​​.

10. Minot

Minot, with 48,108 residents, reports a violent crime rate of 322 per 100k. The city is known for its property crimes, with a rate significantly higher than many other cities in the state​​​​.

Safety Considerations in North Dakota

  • Awareness: Stay updated with local crime news and reports.
  • Precautionary Measures: Implement security measures for homes and businesses.
  • Community Vigilance: Participate in neighborhood watch programs.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Be aware of emergency services and contact numbers.
  • Safe Practices: Avoid high-crime areas, especially during nighttime.

While North Dakota boasts enchanting landscapes and a rich cultural heritage, it’s crucial for residents and visitors to be aware of these urban challenges. Understanding the crime statistics and adopting appropriate safety measures can significantly enhance the living and travel experience in the state.