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Top 10 Moments From Gossip Girl That Stole Our Heart!


David Mudd

Gossip Girl is one of the best teenage-drama shows streaming on Netflix and here’s a list of top 10 moments from GG that hit right at heart!

Three Words, Eight letters

When Chuck Bass said the precious words “I love you” to Blair post the Europe trip, he captured our hearts in a jiffy.

Ivy Dickens Or Charlie Rhodes?

It is mysterious how Ivy got away with pretending to be Charlie. Although she had been paid a good amount by Charlie’s mother, it is strange how it all ended.

The Best Wedding

Chuck and Blair are one of the most loved couples of all time. Their wedding was indeed a wonderful, sentimental and happy moment for all the CHAIR shippers.

A Little Scandal

When Serena goes missing nobody as any clue where is she or the reason for her disappearance? A very dramatic beginning of the show to find out that she had slept with her best friend’s boyfriend.

Lily And Rufus

They are one of the evergreen couples who make us all keep faith and hope that eternal love can never die. Their wedding is a wonderful moment to embrace the depth of true love.

Chuck Gets Shot

When Chuck gets shot, he says to the people who shot him that they can have any amount of money they desire but they cannot take the box. By box, he means the one which has an engagement ring just for his dear Blair.


Rufus and Lily had a lovechild named, Scott. When he comes back to meet his birth parents, things are about to get clumsy and more secrets are going to be deciphered.

Dan The Dad

Lonely boy’s life takes a sudden turn when Georgina shows up with at his house with a baby bump and claims that Dan is the baby’s father. But this was just one of her schemes!

Chuck And Blair Flee

Blair and Dan’s relationship wasn’t digesting at all and it was even weirder when he helped Chuck and Blair to elope. But in the process, the two meet with an accident and Blair loses her baby.

XOXO, Gossip Girl

The keenest and intriguing fact of the show was to discover who gossip girl is and we couldn’t believe! The lonely boy turns out to be the gossip girl. He for sure single handily ruined several ties.