Top 10 Highly-Rated Marvel Movies Of All Time, According to Metacritic



When Marvel Comics was adapted and the world was introduced to the MCU, fans were already excited to witness one of the biggest franchises ever. Marvel Movies has incredibly adapted all the characters and stories from the Marvel Comics and manifested the release of their movies sequencing over the years. After the death of Stan Lee, fans were already disappointed because the MCU won’t feel the same anymore. However, the creators have amazingly worked hard and kept their work as unique and amazing as one could think. 

The major reason behind the popularity of MCU movies is how they are interconnected with each other. The audience already loved the superhero series and there is no doubt That Marvel Universe has proven to be a blessing for the world. Anyone who has thought of adapting the comics into a movie might not have learned of all these amazing outcomes. It was one of the best decisions that they have ever made. 

Over time, the movies get better and so does the fandom. Now, the MCU has already owned a massive collection of movies and they are amazing. Anyone who has already watched the movie and has been thinking about which one is the best for them to watch then we are here with this article. The world is still at peace because our superheroes are there for the world to protect. 

Years have passed and Marvel has still managed to get the attention of the people. Though the series follows a synchronized manner and it becomes tough for a person to directly watch a movie from nowhere, we still have Top 10 movies that have been loved by the audience and the critics. Continue reading the article to find out everything. 

10. Spider-Man/ Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man/ Spider-Man: Homecoming

No doubt, Spiderman is one of the most amazing characters that MCU has ever brought. The amazing tale of Spider-Man Spider-Mans be there for the people since the games. Peter Parker, the average teenage boy who, along with his two friends used to hang out together, The three college friends were close and one day on a college trip, bitten by an unusual spider that gives him the power of a Spider. 

Spider and Spider-Man: Homecoming is a part of their Movie trilogy and both movies get equal love and support from the people. With brilliant animation, an amazing storyline, and great character, both the movie get equal points according to the critic’s ratings. Sam Raimi has a great idea behind the trilogy film and it is one of the most successful movies in the MCU.

The plot of both the movies are very distinguished from each other and have a different storyline that is completely unlike each other. One of the major reasons why fans connect with the superhero is how they make them feel young and kind. Spider-Man is one of the few amazing characters that Marvel has ever brought. Unlike other superheroes, he holds the most attention because of his age. 

Along with this, Tom Holland has amazingly played his role in the movie. The character development makes the story progress and even though other MCU movies are more based on tragedy and filled with more complicated storylines. Spider-Man has a simple approach and it gets the same throughout the end of the movie series. Also, the hilarious comedy of the character is the major highlight of the movie and viewers find it worth watching. 

9. Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor was already anxious after her mighty hammer, Mjolnir, was nowhere to be seen. The movie, Thor: Ragnarok brings back all those joys and chills that the fans have only fantasized about in their life. The movie is a literal breakthrough for the superhero and his world. Filled with joy, pleasure, emotions, and a lot of actions, Thor: Rangork is nothing but a brilliant movie, and fans love it. 

The movie follows Thor, a superhero, who is already spending most of his time on Earth. After all the fights have ended, he must have to return to his hometown, Asgard to save it from Hella, her other sister. Hella. The goddess of death has enormous powers and her abilities were only discarded by the superhero for the first time. 

As the movie progressed, the story became more tricky and intense and fans couldn’t think about anything other than how powerful she is. Thor: Ragnarok is the rollercoaster of emotions that leaves pleasure and sadness at the same time. However, the ending marks the utter success of the superhero’s power and we see how Asgard was destroyed in the end. 

8. Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War doesn’t need any introduction, it is regarded as one of the most intense and popular MCU movies that have started the whole story of the MCU world. Captain America, the first avenger, is the hero of the world, and the movie, Captain America: Civil War brings major insights into his life and all the terrific moments that he has been through.

While the other Avenger movies have dealt with external affairs, majorly fighting with foreign enemies, Captain America: Civil War tells the story where the avengers are already divided within themselves and they start to fight with each other. 

The civil war broke out between the avengers and we see the great fighting scenes between our superheroes. Friendships were ruined in the movie and we see how the superhero started misbehaving and the misunderstood were taking over their friendship. Ego and pride started to come in between but still, they eventually find their way and join their hands to protect the world against the super villain Thanos. 

7. Doctor Strange

Doctor Stranger

I feel like the fans have already missed the chance to appreciate the movie for many years. After the release of its sequels, the fans got to know more about the superhero. Doctor Strange is one of the classic characters of Marvel Comics who has enormous powers.  

Before this movie, Few people were exposed to the superhero. We have already had glimpses of his life and powers in the other movie however after Doctor Strange was released as an individual movie, it marked the release of the first movie that is the story of him as a superhero. 

One could see that Doctor Strange has a major setback with an amazing storyline, great performances, and the background music brings life to the story. Another thing that differentiates Doctor Strange from the rest of the MCU movies is how effectively Marvel has contributed to the visuals of the show. Even though they are just animation., they give full realistic feelings and sets an example of how dedicated the creators are towards the movie. 

The audience already appreciated the movie and gave an amazing response when it was released. Doctor Strange movies are majorly filled with suspense and amazing thrillers which adds perfect balance for the viewers. The movie is rather complicated than the other MCU movies and that’s the beauty of it. The audience and critics loved how the movie fits into the storyline and takes the whole MCU universe to a different zone. 

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6. Guardian of Galaxy

Guardian of Galaxy

Marvel was anxious when they initially started to work on this movie. However, the movie came out unexpectedly amazing because of its hilarious comedy and perfect action. It was something new for the viewers since, at the time of release, they were mostly watching the avengers and the superheroes. 

Inspired by Marvel Comics, the movie gained massive success and became a full-fledged movie franchise. All the characters of the movie have already got a huge fan following because of their absolute Performance. Guardian of the Galaxy started the whole story from the other time zone. It was Marvel’s idea to bring something change in their usual superhero movies. The movie possesses funny, likable characters, hilarious jokes, and amazing fighting skills.  

The movie generates the bridge for the Avengers: Infinity war and leaves a lot of cues about the war. James Gunn has shown his capability when he released the movie. It was completely a different idea how the creators took the movie away from the rest of MCU movies. 

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5. The Avengers

The Avengers

Released in 2012, The Avenger is one of the most intense action movies of all time. The movie remarks on the contribution of all the superheroes and assemble them into a team. It was the first time when all the superheroes were assembled for the first time and worked as a team to fight against Loki. 

The Avengers is the perfect movie by MCU that delivers a movie that combines all the power of the superhero. It is a mixture of hilarious jokes, suspense, and action movies, with engrossing visual ideas and great character development.  

It was the first time when fans initially watched the whole group together since they rarely have the idea of spending time together. We saw how Loki tried to take over the world through his powers and how superheroes put their best to defeat him. It was a dream of a fan to watch this movie at that time. 

If you are one of those fans who have already watched all the parts but want to feel nostalgic all over again then The Avengers is something that you should try for sure. Another thing to note here is that the movie has given one of the best definitions of the CGI effect and it will give chills to those fans who watched the movie in the theater at that time. 

4. Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame

It was the second time when the viewers came to know about Thanos, The warlord who has been eyeing killing the people because of how the world has been disturbed by them., Avenger: Endgame generates more than billions of dollars and there is no reason why the movie is one of the greatest movies for the MCU and has been under work since many years, 

A fan of MCU knows how much time it takes to watch the movie for sure. Everything ended in the movie. The movie was emotionally appealing as it takes away some of our favorite superheroes forever. Even though fans left crying after Iron Man said, “I love you 3000”, there was no doubt that the movie was a mark the greatest of all time. 

Avengers: Endgame is a film that takes your emotions and twists and turns with great action. It is a pure journey for the people where they meet the different sides of their superheroes. There is nothing wrong with saying that Avengers: Endgame is one of the major movie series that Marvel has ever come up with.

It was not like the typical other superhero movies and the movie’s plot has shown why. The movie has linked all the happenings from the first MCU movie and generates a perfect emotional, action, and sheer movie.

All the superheroes have brilliantly acted in the movie and the movie brings some of the most remarkable scenes of all time. The screenwriting and character development for the movie is something that you shouldn’t miss for sure. Even though the movie has all those twigs that can make a person fall for it, it’s ending still makes things emotional.

3. Iron Man

Iron Man

Our most beloved superhero, Iron Man, is back with a phenomenal mind to make everyone jealous. Iron Man is still regarded as one of the earliest movies by the MCU that delivers an amazing storyline about Tony Stark and his journey to becoming an Ironman. The movie was a huge success and grossed millions of dollars in just a few weeks. 

Iron Man is the first movie in the MCU and it gives the audience chills watch it. At that time the movie has everything that will turn you into a fan of Tony Stark. The major highlight of the movie is when he got obsessed with working for his suit. 

The director was assured to work more on the movie and that’s the reason within the spare few years, the official renewed the superhero film and delivered 2 more films. Still, Iron Man is one of the most generous movies that show the upbringing of the powerful superhero from scratch. The first movie where we see the whole story of Tony Stark becoming Iron Man and saving the world was tremendously popular.  It was the first time when we saw Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. 

The actor has proven his superiority through his great acting performance. The movie possessed a great script, complete character, and absolute visuals, and all these things bring back how amazing the movie is. Marvel had already dropped multiple movies at that time but still, Iron Man was proven to fulfill all the things for the viewers. Released in 2008, the movie has performed amazingly. 

2. Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2

While the new reboot movie by Marvel is inspired by the Marvel comic Character Spider-man and is loved by the audience but nothing can beat the original Spider-Man movie by Sam Raimi. Starring Tobey Maguire as the main ritual character. 

It is one of the best movies by Marvel comics and delivers the story of the superhero. No wonder why people have loved Tobey Maguire so much. After all these years, the movie still marked its popularity and uniqueness through its heart-touching plot. The movie plays such a unique role for many people and gives all the nostalgic feeling that makes the viewers remember their childhood. 

In the movie, we got to know about Peter Parker and his rich character development. The movie uniquely the explores depth of his life. The actors have simply performed amazingly in the movie and even though there have been a lot of things that are the major highlight of the film, it still gives chills to think about the movie. 

Spider-man is the most relatable character. After all, it believes that everyone can be a hero in his life, and the character gives the superhero feelings to everyone, especially the younger generation.

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1. Black Panther

Black Panther

Black Panther is a magnificent film that makes the viewers realize about the other side of the world, Wakanda, Scream Wakanda forever! Black Panther is by far one of the most loved and popular films by Marvel that will leave its mark till the century. The movie has everything that will make you fall in love with the characters and their tragic story.

The movie follows Chadwick Boseman as the main titular character. Black Panther is unlike the other Marvel movies that are filled with lots of action and drama. However,  the movie still has tons of dramatic intense scenes that remind us of the world of marvel. 

After the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman, the movie brings back all the memories of the character and how he has originated in a marvel. It was an absolute moment of grief for all the fans that have loved the movie. 

Black Panther is one of the highly-rated and critically accompanied movies that has a unique taste of the sense. Unlike other movies by Marvel, Black Panther has a uniqueness in its storyline. While the other movies are based on superhero origin, this movie sets itself away from it.

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