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Top 10 Forgotten Netflix Originals You Want To Visit Again!


David Mudd

There is no better feeling than walking down the memory lane and to make you experience this beautiful feeling we have shortlisted a bunch of originals on Netflix that you’d want to watch again!

Arrested Development

After the imprisonment of his father and loss of all the money, Michael Bluth has to take charge of his mates but the bratty and non-compromising members of the household make his job hard as nails. This family drama is bound to keep you intrigued.


The show comprises of eight episodes and each of them explores a real-life crime with a hostage situation and colloquy all across the world.


Quite often we wish to forget the past and move on with our lives because sometimes acceptance can be tough. But in Bloodline, the protagonist’s family has to face the terrible truths of their past when the outcast member returns home. Are you enthralled to submerge in the secrets and scars game?

The Break

The crime drama revolves around the life of a police detective and daughter who wants to give their relationship another chance but when a murder takes place in the small town, things can never go back to square one.

The Borgias

It could be intimidating to watch a Roman Monarch rule his kingdom with such high levels of tyranny. He doesn’t restrict his control to the political affairs but extends it to the clergy as well. Everything in the kingdom goes as he instructs. Pretty tyrant right?

The Crown

The Crown Season 5

The sequences of events are during the time of Queen Elizabeth II’s tenure. The newlywed bride has a lot of political candidacy and romantic relationships going on in her reign which could affect her life in diverse ways.

Richie Rich

A brilliant little kid who makes trillion-dollar net worth by transforming veggies into green energy must face the challenges life has to offer as he is growing up. And the biggest obstacle being, too much wealth to count.

Project MC2

A little sassy, a little brainy and a whole lot of beautiful. The series features four teenage girls who combine their scientific knowledge with girl power to keep the show going.


How wonderful would it be to watch eight strangers combine their skills by using the telepathic connection? The series is intriguing to know how they survive against the odds together.

Tales By Light

Pleasing visuals could make us smile. This beautiful concept takes us on a tour with the most skilled photographers who work their way to capture the perfect shot across the world.