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Top 10 Dangerous Cities to Live in Wisconsin



Wisconsin, a state celebrated for its dairy heritage and scenic landscapes, also confronts the challenges of urban crime in several of its cities. This article explores the top 10 dangerous cities in Wisconsin, offering insights into the nature of crime in these areas, along with statistics and safety tips for residents and visitors.

1. Milwaukee: The Epicenter of Crime

Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s largest city, tops the list with a population of 577,000. Despite being an economic hub with rich historical neighborhoods, Milwaukee struggles with high violent crime rates, which remain above the state average. The city’s poverty rate of 22.4% and median household income of $44,200 contribute to these challenges.

2. Appleton: Northern Crime Concerns

Appleton, with a population of 75,600, stands as the second most dangerous city. Although recent efforts have reduced overall violent and non-violent crime rates, they continue to be above average. Assault and theft are particularly problematic, with a noticeable increase in rapes and assaults.

3. Green Bay: Home of the Packers and Rising Crime

Green Bay, known for the Green Bay Packers, faces its own challenges with a 16.8% poverty rate, above the state average. The city has seen spikes in rapes and assaults, with total crime remaining steady without significant decreases.

4. West Allis: Suburban Crime Issues

West Allis, a manufacturing town near Milwaukee, has experienced a spike in property crime and assaults. With a population of 60,300, the city reported 237 burglaries and 175 car thefts in 2020. Violent crime is a significant concern, with an average of two assaults and one robbery per week.

5. Madison: College Town with Diverse Crime Patterns

Madison, the state capital, features diverse neighborhoods with varying crime patterns. While the city boasts cultural attractions and educational institutions, it faces issues with burglaries and theft. The poverty rate is also high, contributing to its position on this list.

6. Racine: Historical City with Growing Crime Rates

Racine, a bedroom community for Milwaukee commuters and Wisconsin’s fifth-largest city, has seen an increase in assaults, burglaries, and robberies, exceeding the state’s average. Last year, the city reported 990 property crime offenses, with arson being a major problem.

7. Eau Claire: Clear Waters, Murky Ethics

Eau Claire, despite its picturesque name, ranks as the eighth most dangerous city in Wisconsin. The city faces a high burglary rate, contributing significantly to its overall crime statistics.

8. Grand Chute: High Property Crime Rates

Grand Chute, located near Appleton, is ninth on the list, primarily due to its high property crime rate. The town averaged over one violent crime per week and around two property crimes each day in 2020.

9. Hudson: Tourist Destination with Crime Concerns

Hudson, a growing suburb of Minneapolis, has seen a rise in population and, consequently, in crime. In one year, the town experienced 329 property crimes, highlighting the challenges accompanying its growth.

10. Beloit: Small City, Big Crime Issues

Beloit, despite its small population, has a high violent crime rate that ranks fourth in the state. However, its property crime rate is significantly lower, balancing the total crime rate to some extent.

Crime Trends in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s crime trends reflect a mix of urban and suburban challenges. While larger cities like Milwaukee and Madison struggle with higher poverty rates and violent crimes, smaller cities like Appleton and Beloit face issues with property crimes and assaults.

Safety Tips for Traveling in Wisconsin

When visiting Wisconsin, it’s crucial to stay informed about local crime rates and exercise caution. Here are some safety tips:

  1. Keep Friends and Family Updated: Share your itinerary and check in regularly.
  2. Pack for the Weather: Wisconsin’s climate varies greatly.
  3. Be Cautious on Public Wi-Fi: Avoid sensitive transactions on unsecured networks.
  4. Don’t Draw Attention: Avoid displaying valuables.
  5. Be Aware of Your Environment: Stay in safer, more populated areas, especially in cities like Milwaukee with higher crime rates.


Understanding the dynamics of crime in these top 10 dangerous cities is crucial for residents and visitors in Wisconsin. Awareness, coupled with proactive safety measures, can significantly mitigate the risks associated with living in or visiting these areas. While Wisconsin continues to address these challenges, acknowledging and navigating these urban safety concerns is essential for ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience in the state.