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Top 10 Crime Movies You Can Watch While Stuck At Home


David Mudd

Crime movies are famous in all age groups, maybe not the old age but the other ones love them. We don’t think that there is anyone who will say no to Godfather or Fast And Furious movie. There are so many iconic movies that you people can watch, and all or at least most of them are available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Everyone is in quarantine, and there is nothing to do, or maybe a lot to do if we think it another way. 

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Top 10 Crime Movies To Watch At Home:

  1. Joker: 

    Okay, so this movie doesn’t need any introduction. Joaquin Phoenix did a fantastic job playing the character of Joker. He won the academy award for best actor in a lead role and left a movie that will stay with us forever.


  2. The Batman: 

    Okay, so we love superheroes and Batman is the one who fights criminals in Gotham city. All other superheroes have to fight aliens or other supervillains, but Batman fights murderers or smugglers. This movie will give entertain you until the end.

    The Batman

  3. The Irishman: 

    This is one of the best releases in recent times. The story about an old hitman will take you in its world. Watch this if you are looking for new crime movies.

    The Irishman

  4. Bad Boys For Life: 

    Fans of Will Smith, do not miss this, we repeat, do not miss this. This is one of the best crime movies that we saw in a long time. 

    Bad Boys For Life

  5. The Dark Knight: 

    Again, a Joker movie. The main hero of this movie might be The Batman, but it was Joker who stole the show. Heath Ledger, the legend who gave even his life for the character made this movie gold.

    The Dark Knight 2008
    The Dark Knight 2008
  6. Baby Driver: 

    Okay, so this one is a crime movie with fantastic car chase scenes. Our hero is a driver, and he drives for a criminal group.

    Baby Driver

  7. John Wick: 

    Okay, we don’t think that you will need any introduction to this one. Keanu Reeves became a hit with this one. We don’t mean that he was not popular before that, but this made him a star.

    John Wick

  8. Murder On The Orient Express: 

    This movie based on the best selling novel by the same name is one of the best crime movies. This movie has a fantastic cast.

    Murder On The Orient Express

  9. Ocean’s 11: 

    Now, this is a crime plus con movie. Goerge Clooney, Brad Pitt, and many more big names are there in the cast. This has the perfect match of comedy, intelligence and craft.

    Ocean’s 11

  10. The Godfather: 

    Now, we might have this at the end of the list, but this is better than anything else. The cult classic crime movie with 200% swag. This movie will always be a benchmark for crime movies.

    The Godfather
    The Godfather part II 1974

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