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Top 10 Coming Of Age Movies Trending This Week!


David Mudd

Here’s a list of the best coming of age movies you need to watch right away!


The story revolves around Chiron and the three most crucial stages of his life, which are childhood, teenage and adulthood. He has to comprehend who he truly is and quench his curiosity about sexuality. In addition to this, he has to face the problems of being neglected by his peers. The movie also focuses on different characters which helped in his upbringing. 

The Hate U Give

This story focuses on one of the most vital issues that need to be voiced. It is about police brutality and the not-so-great relationships between black people and the cops. 

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

This story is about Charlie, who is in his freshmen year. It showcases him trying to find his way and comprehend himself. He has to face the politics and drama while trying to make friends with seniors. It also deals with forms of mental illness. 

Eighth Grade

Kayla, an eighth-grade student, will soon be going to hight school. The film focuses on her last week of middle school and shows how she has to deal with her peers and mix with the older students. But she also has to be active on social media and tackle her love life.

She discovers her real friends who love her for the person she is. She attempts to solve things with her dad, who had neglected her the most.



Molly and Amy spent most of their school lives with books, but they decide to spice things up. They got out a night before graduation, and party like there is no tomorrow. This experience teaches them a lot of new things which makes them wiser.

Stand By Me

The story revolves around Gordie LaChance and three of his friends as they embark on their journey to find the body of Ray Brower, a local boy. They have to face several hardships on this journey which includes betrayal and non-cooperating parents.

Like Water For Chocolate

After Tita’s father passed away, she has to take care of her mother as per the family tradition. Despite unable to marry, she falls in love with two men throughout the film which advocates for a lot of spice and drama.

Whale Rider

Pai is the firstborn daughter of the leader of the village. As per traditions she is supposed to ride the back of a whale to inherit the leadership. She is raised by her grandfather, who believes that she must not inherit the leadership position.

Real Women Have Curves

Ana Garcia dreams of going to college, but the financial conditions at her home are not really in her favour. She doesn’t bond with her mother very well, and in her mother’s opinion, she needs to lose weight, get married and have children. 

Lady Bird

Christine McPherson has a lot more to learn about her life, especially since college is going to begin soon. She has a strained relationship with her mother, and this makes her act out at a catholic church. Over the course, she gains an understanding of family dynamics and peers.