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Top 10 Classic Sitcoms You Can Rewatch And Binge While Quarantining


David Mudd

Top 10 Classical Sitcoms: Sitting at home, have nothing to do, we got you. We have some suggestions that you will love. Here we have some Sitcoms that will keep you engaged all this while. The world outside is not safe, and it is better to stay home and even better to stay in your bed. 

This is the time when need to avoid any social meetings and indulge ourselves into something that takes us in. What can be better than a Sitcom for this purpose?

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Top 10 Classic Sitcoms To Watch In Quarantine:

Will And Grace: 

Top 10 Classical Sitcoms

This show ran on NBC 1998 to 2006. One of the best cult sitcoms that will keep you entertained as long as its duration. You might as well binge-watch this one.

That ‘70’s Show (Top 10 Classical Sitcoms)

Top 10 Classical Sitcoms

Most of you might know about this one. This is a show that ran on Fox from 1998 to 2006. The timeline of this show ends on the New Year’s Eve in 1979. This is a teen sitcom that is loved by many.

The Bob Newhart Show: 

Top 10 Classical Sitcoms
Bob Newhart Show (CBS) TV Series

The star of the show war, obviously Newhart. This show featured him with his wife Emily, and he played a doctor who has encounters with different types of patients. All that makes up for a hilarious show.

Seinfeld: Fun Fact (Top 10 Classical Sitcoms)

The real name of the lead character of the show was Jerry Seinfeld. This show aired on NBC from 1989 to 1998. This is a story about a stand-up comedian living in NYC. 

I Love Lucy: 

For the entire run of 6 years, this show managed to keep its audience entertained all this while. This show starred Lucille Ball and Desi Arnazran in lead roles.

All In The Family (Top 10 Classical Sitcoms)

This show came on CBS from 1971 to 1979. There is a character who is a WWII veteran, and he is very intolerant. The show holds a record for most spin-offs.

The Simpsons: 

This show is top-rated on the internet. Yes, you guessed it right; this is the show that guessed most of the events that are happening around us many years ago. This show is a cult. This is the one that will be productive for you.

Friends (Top 10 Classical Sitcoms)


Now, we are sorry to put this in between. This is the best for many people and overrated for some. We suggest you should watch it yourself and then decide for yourself. If you have not watched this, please do.


This one ran on NBC from 1993 to 2004. This show is a spin-off of another classic sitcom named Cheers. This show is hilarious and great. 

The Andy Griffith Show (Top 10 Classical Sitcoms)

This show ran for eight years on CBS and followed the life of Andy Taylor, the lead actor is Andy Griffth. This man had so much wisdom and he really entertained us.

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