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Top 10 Best Netflix’s Thriller Shows For You To Watch in 2022

In recent times, many series and movies are premiering their excellent content and while it seems nearly impossible for the audience to choose from these movies and shows, however, it’s been seen that in recent times, there has been a trend among the people that makes them attracted towards thriller movies.

When we talk about thriller movies, we instantly clicked with the idea of great shows with an amazing storyline, and great characters, thriller shows are recently included in the genre where these shows are neither fully horror nor have a simple storyline.

One can include romance, thriller, and comedy over the series, and boom, we get an amazing show. Netflix has come out as one of the most popular streaming platforms that offer a variety of thriller Tv series and movies for the viewers to watch. The streaming platform offers some of the perfect life-shaking shows that will change your way of thinking. These shows opened the possibility of a dark society and gave a brief discussion about the great plot twists. 

If you are one of those people that are wondering about the most popular shows on the Platform then we are here to help you. Here we will be discussing everything about Netflix, a one-show stop place where you will get all the kinds of shows that are perfect to binge-watch. Get ready for an amazing journey where you will get creepy stalkers to the dangerous game that takes the life of the people. 

All of us Are Dead

All of us Are Dead

What happens when the zombies’ applauses break down at your school? Netflix’s All of us are dead might know. As Netflix is getting wider, its number of series is getting huge. After the popularity of many k-dramas, Netflix finally took a chance and created this show. 

All of us are dead is one of the popular K-drama series that enters the world of thrillers, the popularity of those series is something else. In the show, the students are determined to save themselves from the rest of the other students that are already infected with Zombies.

As the forest eons of Netflix’s k-drama have already been released and managed great ratings, the showrunners have confirmed that there will be another season. Everyone is waiting for the release of the second season so that they can conclude what exactly happened after that. Being a thriller drama, the show touches the soul of the viewers through every angel. Also, the little hint of romance and emotions saves the show.

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CW”s own creation that consists of teenagers and their deep dark secrets. Based on the popular comic book Archie, the series follows high school kids that have some secrets to uncover. 

The has ahs a murder mystery, romantic phase, and emotional side which urge the fans to look for the show. River dale, as it is released on Netflix, marks its popularity to the worldwide people.  The creators have done extraordinary work in filming and directing the show to the place where it is. All those dark scenes in the college are worthy to watch if the viewers know that the mystery will get more twisted. Filled with famous young actors from Hollywood including Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, KJ Apa, and more. 

It is one of those series that makes the viewers sit on the edge of the bed and shiver at what can happen next. The story has officially been concluded and its final season has already been up on Netflix. It is the perfect time when you can watch the show, knowing that the season will be there. 


Released in 2015 and concluded in 2017, Narcos shows the world of gambling, drugs, and murder. It features the Crime world during the time of; Pablo Escobar. Thriller gets more inspiring when it is based on real-life incidents. 

Narcos focuses on the horrifying time of Columbia and tells the story of a person who was the mafia of all the crime. Netflix has entered the world of heroes, cocaine, and all the drugs with this show. Marcos features the gripping story of a person that will be remembered by the people of the generations. The series shows every inch of his life and broadcasts what exactly happened in the 80s era. 

What makes the show more exciting is how the series manages to get all the real incident videos and then mix them with the fictional and marks the utter superiority. 

Money Heist 

Money Heist 

Money Heist fans here? Netflix’s Money Heist is considered one of the most popular thriller shows of all time. The Spanish web series has made enough popularity after the release of its first season. Released in 2017, the series follows a group of thieves that is led by “The Professor”, the mastermind. 

Filled with mind games, compelling storylines, and strategies, the series marked the release of a great show that filled your mind with interest. The story of the series will hook up the fans throughout the end of the season. 

Earlier, the series was marked for only 2 seasons with its second being the final season. However w,  when the creators found out about the popularity of the show, they eventually decided to renew the series for more seasons. Now, the series has officially concluded its ending and if anyone has not been able to watch the show then, you can stream the show now. 

Dark desire

Dark desire

What does it take to love someone despite knowing that you are married and will eventually get in trouble? Dark desire has made the fans shiver with all its action and sensual scenes. The show perfectly defines its title and with all those sexual tensions in the show, one can defiantly feel why the show is named show. 

However, the series is more than that. Netflix has known to balance the ratio of the adult content in their shows and Dark desire falls in their measurements. Released in 2020. The series officially shows what it takes to follow your desires which leads the main protagonist to the problem. 

Dark desires, directed by Pedro P. Ybarra and Kenya Márquez bring back the originality of the dark fantasy world. If you want to try something different this week then dark desire is something that you shouldn’t miss for sure.

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Are you obsessed with your partner? Wait until you see Joe. How far can you go for love? I am pretty sure not as far as the main character of the series goes. It features the story of a bookstore manager who crosses paths with an aspiring writer and falls for her.

Initially, the man develops a sweet little crush on the writer but that was not it. The love at first sight soon becomes more sinful for the girl. The narrative of the show marks great interest to the viewers and anyone who has watched the show, will eventually fall for it and end up watching the whole show in a single night. Why? Because of how the directors have molded the story of the show. The dark fantasy thriller drama has everything that you wished for. 

Also, when you thought that the series is completely running fine, you will get another shock. As for now, you have already announced the release of its fourth season, with its three parts already concluded. 

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Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders

Thomas Shelby has come out as one of the most inspiring characters from the series of Peaky blinders, Classical vintage and old shows have marked their presence on the audience and that’s why peaky blinders became such a hot show on Netflix. 

The series came out as one of the most thrilling shows on Netflix and its popularity has already sparked many lives. Cillian Murphy has appeared as Thomas Shelby, the first World War Veteran who turned patriarchal crime boss. Now, he wants to look after his family’s financial and social status in England. 

Nothing makes a series a great thriller show until it adds more other genres to taste it. The audience adores Shelby and his relationships with others. It shows the determination of a man towards his job and at the same time adds some personal touch to his life. The popularity of peaky blinders makes him one of the top shows and compares it to shows like Game of Thrones.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Again, Breaking bad is one of those popular shows that has established its strong fan base over the past few years. The show has been ranked not only among the popular thriller shows but also among the top series of all time. The fan base is crazy and that’s all because of the amazing storyline of the series. 

Originally, Breaking Bad was aired on AMC until Netflix renewed them and released them on their platform. The characters are the center of the show and their plotline marks the uniqueness of the story. Following Whilter white as the compelling protagonist of the show, the series marks their research of getting out of his original chemistry teacher life to be an Alchemist. 

The story progresses over the episodes and one can feel that through the season. In the beginning, you might seem to get away with the story but trust me as you progress, the show gets better. Even the story makes the show what it is. Fans already loved the drama on Netflix and enjoyed binge-watching the five seasons of the show. 

Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Stranger things, undoubtedly, are making the fans shiver and amazed with their story. The plot of the story is getting better as the seasons get longer. There is no denying that Stranger Things is one of the popular thriller shows on Netflix. Recently, the show has released its 4 seasons and it is a smash hit among the people. 

Filled with supernatural forces, the show features a group of friends that have witnessed unwanted things and secrets of the government that are not meant to go out. With all these things, the series managed to put out the best thriller dramas to the audience. 

Released in 2016, the series received heavy ratings from the audience and the people. The secrets behind those walls were finally unveiled in the show. The series is an outstanding creation of Netflix and marks their superiority in everything, from the plot to the screenplay, the show has been among their topmost shows of all time.

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Squid Game

Released in 2021, Squid Game ranked the Top most Thriller drama on Netflix, The series has been receiving enormous amounts of love and popularity from the people. Korean dramas have never felt the same before until the release of squid Game. After the show was released, it was ranked among the most popular shows on Netflix that has been watched by the maximum number of people. 

The story follows around 456 participants that have heavy loans to pay. Due to the inability of money and the heavy debt, these people are invited to a game through some unknown source where they have to play normal games that they used to play in their childhood. However, the loser was punished or given any dare in childhood but here, the loser will be eliminated from the game and also from life. 

The winner will be getting 45.6 Million, equivalent to the number of people that have participated in the game. After the release of the Squid game, the world seems to get around the hype, and the majority of people checked out because of the internet wildfire that spread regarding the show.

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