Tools and Apps to Help with Managing your Instagram Account


Mohit Kamboj

Instagram appeared in 2010. Twelve years have passed, and the popularity of the resource is only growing; its capabilities are expanding.

Why Do You Need to Promote an Instagram Account?

Instagram has become a platform where people not only upload beautiful photos but also sell goods, build personal brands, share success stories, keep diaries, and launch projects. Today, you can create an Instagram account, get help from organic Instagram growth service and start selling products and services only there, or make it an additional source of attracting traffic to the site.

There are thousands of registered stores and brands on Instagram. If you are starting your own business or want to tell the world about your ideas and creativity, find like-minded people and a target audience for sales, you should be on Instagram. Presence on Instagram is vital.

Personal or for Work

If you plan to blog on Instagram, tell only about yourself and your hobbies, a personal account option will suit you. If you are going to launch a project, monetize a profile, and make sales – create a special page. Post your store’s announcements to increase the number of visitors to the site; Instagram should be for work. You need to work on Instagram management and to additionally connect analytics, make a content plan, and think over the visual range. However, for a personal account, using tools for Instagram management is also necessary.

What Tools and Apps Can Help You in Instagram Management?

Create Visual Imagery

Instagram is, first of all, a beautiful picture that catches the eye. And only then the person goes to the text block. And your task is to hook a person with a visual component.

The main rule of a good photo is daylight. Add bright details, an unusual arrangement of objects in the image (use the power of thirds). If you don’t have the opportunity to shoot in the city, shoot in the yard of your house or in natural light indoors. Use artificial backgrounds. They have become trendy recently (imitating wood, marble, stone, etc.). See other people’s profiles and look for inspiration.

A uniform account style plays a considerable role: you can use photos with repeating details in the same color scheme, alternating light and dark frames, or linear arrangement. Think about the color that you like the most or that allows you to create an environment, complement it with a couple more matching colors based on the color wheel and start combining the frames with them. Here are some programs in which you can create visual imagery before publishing:

You can also use beautiful free stock photos.

Choose Hashtags

Add hashtags: they are an essential part of the resource. Choose them properly to find your target audience and invite visitors.

People search by hashtags in the program itself. Click on the Magnifying Glass icon and type the title in the top line. It depends on your goals, interest, and needs. After choosing a word, tabs open to search for popular accounts, people, tags, and places directly.

Use hashtags for posts with a frequency of up to 2 thousand or better — less. Make personal tags to provide good navigation to find the necessary information through your account. Please, pay attention to the TagsForLikes resource. It allows you to see titles on specific topics.

Find Your Types of Content

If previously Instagram was a platform for posting photos, now text content plays an important role too.

Form a content plan regardless of what goal you set for yourself: open a store, promote a brand, become a famous blogger, or monetize your account. Of course, you can write when you have inspiration. Still, the schedule for the release of texts helps to be more concentrated, and to publish regularly.

Main types of content:

  • informational: technical characteristics, practical information, trends, news of the sphere, texts about employees or brand creation, exciting facts;
  • selling: posts about your product, calls to buy, promotions, reviews;
  • entertaining: humor, inspirational quotes, questions to readers, marathons, prize draws.

The percentage of categories depends on the type of activity of the account. People use the following ratio for a content plan: 30% — helpful or educational, 40% — entertainment, inspiration, and 30% — selling posts. And don’t forget about alternate headings and topics in your posts, which distribute them evenly throughout the week.

Storytelling, sales through stories, and personal brand are now coming to the fore. The first one is a marketing technique that uses media potential to convey information and meanings through storytelling. Its purpose is to provide compelling motivation for the action required from the subject. A personal brand is a recognizable, well-known name of a person who “made themselves.” To become a brand, people must first become professionals in the industry they want.

Create Uniqueness

Help users to watch the process, and create a detailed picture. Share valuable skills. For example, through collages created in a video collage maker with music.

The quality Instagram content is perfect images, videos, and unique stories. Of course, one can take excellent photos with good cameras. But if you can’t use them – download useful photo processing programs. For instance: VSCO Cam, Snapseed, Cover.

Creating interesting and bright graphics is also helpful in attracting an audience.

Instagram Management Strategy

The strategy includes the study and analysis of the target audience and competitors, work on creating a personal brand, and key features that distinguish you from similar accounts by subject. It also affects advertising, cooperation with bloggers and the public.

To develop your account and increase loyal subscribers, you need to publish interesting posts regularly, bring readers to communicate, and hold contests and sweepstakes independently and jointly with other bloggers.

You can also search for publications relevant to your topic and write posts on the case for them, making joint publications with people with an audience close to you. But remember that visitors feel the affectation approach and advertising. Write so that people want to read your text. It would also help if you learned how to take beautiful, memorable photos.

Another trend in the development of Instagram is targeted advertising. It is gaining momentum more and more. Facebook Instagram is constantly working on the feed, changing it to its counterpart. Make more exciting posts and involvement will occur immediately. Such stories appear in the feed higher than others.

Targeted advertising is text, media, or multimedia ads shown only to those network users who meet a particular set of requirements set by the advertiser. You can set up targeted advertising through Facebook’s business manager or third-party services. Instagram, Facebook, and AirTarget partner, for example.


Thousands of blogs and stores are developing on this platform. But, like any other network, it requires attention, responsibility, and creativity. Create your Instagram profile today so that hundreds and millions will know about you tomorrow.