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Tony Scott Net Worth: Maverick Credits Pay Tribute to Tony Scott in Top Gun


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Scott was born in Tynemouth, Northumberland, North East England, to Elizabeth (née Williams) and Colonel Francis Percy Scott, both of whom served in the Royal Engineers. A great uncle, Dixon Scott, was a pioneer of the cinema network, opening cinemas throughout Tyneside. The One Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle is the United Kingdom’s last remaining newsreel cinema.

Tony attended Rosebank School in Hartlepool, West Hartlepool College of Art, and Sunderland Art School, where he received a fine arts degree. He made his directing debut at the age of 16 in the short film Boy and Bicycle, directed by Ridley Scott (he was 23).

After failing to get entrance to the Royal College of Art in London, Tony Scott resumed his art education in Leeds (he would succeed in a later attempt). In 1969, he made a short film based on the story One of the Missing by Ambrose Bierce. Tony gave his brother a part in the production because Ridley had previously cast him in a film.

In April 2012, he recalled, “The film cost £1,000.” He starred in “Don’t Walk,” a film directed by fellow students Hank Onrust and Richard Stanley while studying at the Royal College of Art, where he was instructed by Raymond Durgnat. The film was “produced for BUNAC by MARCA films at the Royal College of Art,” according to the credits. Tony, like Ridley, graduated from the Royal College of Art, albeit he had no intention of becoming a painter. Frank, their eldest brother, had previously served in the British Merchant Navy.

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Success in Hollywood

Following the box office success of Top Gun, Scott rose to the top of Hollywood’s action director list.

In 1987, he reunited with Simpson and Bruckheimer to direct Eddie Murphy and Brigitte Nielsen in the much-anticipated sequel Beverly Hills Cop II. It received mixed reviews from critics but was one of the year’s highest-grossing films.  Tony Scott Net Worth

That same year, in 1987, Tony Scott signed a non-exclusive arrangement with Paramount Pictures to develop films and serve as producer and director for the studio.  Revenge (1990), a thriller set in Mexico about infidelity and revenge, stars Kevin Costner, Madeleine Stowe, and Anthony Quinn. Scott returned to the Simpson-Bruckheimer fold to direct Tom Cruise in the big-budget racing film Days of Thunder (1990).

Scott subsequently explained that finding drama in racing cars in circles was difficult, so he “borrowed from all race movies to date… then tried to expand on them.” The Last Boy Scout (1991), a cult action thriller starring Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans and written by Shane Black, was Scott’s third feature.

Scott directed True Romance in 1993, which cost only $13 million and was based on a script by Quentin Tarantino.

Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Dennis Hopper, Christopher Walken, Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt, Tom Sizemore, Chris Penn, Val Kilmer, James Gandolfini, and Samuel L. Jackson were among the actors who appeared in the film.

Despite excellent reviews from Janet Maslin and other critics, it failed to earn enough money to cover its production costs and was considered a box office disaster, however it has subsequently gained cult significance. Scott reunited with producers Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer for his next project, Crimson Tide (1995). It was a critically and commercially successful submarine thriller starring Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington.

Shepperton Studios was purchased by a group led by Tony and Ridley Scott in 1995, and the studios – which are located in the United Kingdom – were completely refurbished, as well as the grounds, in 1995.

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Robert De Niro, Wesley Snipes, Ellen Barkin, and Benicio del Toro star in Scott’s 1996 film The Fan. His conspiracy thriller Enemy of the State, which starred Will Smith and Gene Hackman and was released in 1998, was his highest-grossing film of the decade.

Spy Game was published in November 2001, and it had 63 percent good Metacritic ratings and grossed moreover $60 million in the United States. Scott went on to direct Man on Fire, a thriller starring Denzel Washington, which was released in April 2004.

Tony collaborated with Ridley on the TV show Numb3rs, which aired from 2005 to 2010, and directed the opening episode of the fourth season.

Scott has collaborated with Hybrid on several films through their mutual friend, the highly successful film score composer Harry Gregson-Williams. In 2006, he contributed voice-over to a song called Dreamstalker on Hybrid’s album I Choose Noise; Scott has collaborated with Hybrid on several films through their mutual friend, the highly successful film score composer Harry Gregson-Williams.

Domino, starring Keira Knightley, was directed by Tony Scott in 2005.

It was panned by critics and dismissed by audiences despite its use of experimental film techniques. Scott teamed together with Denzel Washington once more in October 2006, this time on the sci-fi action flick Déjà Vu. They worked together again on The Taking of Pelham 123, a remake of the 1974 film of the same name, in which John Travolta also appeared. On June 12th, 2009, it was released. The Good Wife, a legal drama television series, has Tony and Ridley Scott as executive producers in 2009.Tony Scott Net Worth

The Scott brothers produced The A-Team, a feature film adaptation of the television show, in 2010.

Scott worked with Denzel Washington again the following year on Unstoppable, which also starred Chris Pine and was released in November. Tony Scott created Coma, a medical thriller miniseries, The Polar Bears, a Coca-Cola short film, and the thrillers Stoker and The East, the last two with his brother Ridley Scott, just before his death.

Tony Scott’s net worth

Tony Scott was an English film director and producer who, at the time of his death in 2012, had a net worth of $200 million. Tony Scott made his fortune directing Hollywood blockbusters including Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop II, Days of Thunder, Man on Fire, and The Taking of Pelham 123, among others.

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He was born in the English town of North Shields, in the county of Tyne and Wear, and was the younger brother of fellow director Ridley Scott. Tony and Ridley Scott formed RSA Films, one of Hollywood’s largest commercial, music video, and television production companies, in addition to their film careers.

Several CBS television shows, including The Good Wife, Numb3rs, and Coma, were created by Tony and Ridley. Tony Scott committed suicide by jumping over a bridge in Long Beach, California on August 19, 2012. He’d just been told he had an inoperable brain tumor.

Real-estate investment:

During their marriage, Tony and his wife Donna built a little real estate empire. Donna currently owns an $8 million property in a gated enclave in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. She also owns two mansions in the gated Malibu Colony neighborhood, where properties frequently sell for $50 million or more. Finally, Donna still owns the couple’s $20 million Beverly Hills mansion, which she attempted to sell previously. We estimate that the Scott family has real estate worth at least $130 million.