Tomo-chan is a Girl Season 2: Will There Be Another Season? Don’t Miss This Detail



We already know that the science of anime series is constantly thrilled to learn about their favorite series. There is no wonder that the popularity of anime series has risen in the world and insanely getting crazier Day by Day. Now and then, Japanese writers come up with amazing manga series which get Masi popular among the leaders and later get adopted by the studio. One of the manga series is Tomo-Chan is a Girl, which is getting wide popularity after the series released its first season.

While the manga series has been in the market for a long time, the popularity of the manga series was already well-established among the readers. It was in 2023 when the officials announced the release of the first season. One of the unique things about this anime series is it is co-produced by Crunchyroll, which is one of the popular animal platforms, worldwide, streaming.

The majority of fans have already watched the first season of Tomo-Chan as a girl and now they are speculating. The possibility of the second season. If you are one of those people who want to know what exactly happened after the end of the first season and how Tomo-Chan’s life will be changed after the first season then this article is going to help you a lot. Continue reading the article to find out all the latest information regarding the upcoming season of the anime show.

Tomo-chan is a Girl Season 2 Renewal Status: Is It Renewed or Not?

Tomo-Chan is a girl that was officially aired from January to March 2023. The first season of the anime series was released in January 2023 and became an instant hit among the people.

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The story of the manga series is already popular and it was well received by the fans. That’s the reason why the audience highly speculated about the release of the second season. Although the officials have not yet confirmed the renewal status of the second season, there are high chances for it to happen.

It is because there is a lot of source material left covered and the first season of the series only published a few of the content. There are several rooms for the officials to continue the storyline and we know that the officials are going to work on it.

Tomo-chan is a Girl Season 2 Release Date: When is Scheduled to Release?

As we already know that the popularity of any show is responsible for its regional status, that’s why the fans of Thomas John are a girl or highly confident that there will be another season of the show.

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Despite there being no official confirmation regarding the second season, we are highly looking forward to Tomo-Chan being a girl in season 2 to happen. If the series gets renewed before the end of this year, it is likely to release in 2024 or 2025.

But the fans need to remember that decision to confirm the release date by the officials rather are prediction regarding the series. Continue reading the article to find out more amazing updates regarding the series

Tomo-chan is a Girl Season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

The majority of fans are wondering about the future of the second season and if you are one of those people then you must be speculating about the cast of the series. If there will be a second season of the show, fans can expect all the major characters to be back in the series.

  • Tomo Aizawa Voiced by: Rie Takahashi (Japanese); Lexi Nieto (English)
  • Junichiro Kubota Voiced by: Kaito Ishikawa (Japanese); Ricco Fajardo(English)
  • Misuzu Gundou Voiced by: Rina Hidaka (Japanese); Jad Saxton (English)
  • Carol Olston Voiced by: Sally Amaki (Japanese and English)
  • Kousuke Misaki Voiced by: Kōhei Amasaki (Japanese); Ciarán Strange (English)
  • Mifune: Voiced by: Yō Taichi (Japanese); Marisa Duran (English)
  • Ogawa: Voiced by: Atsumi Tanezaki (Japanese); Natalie Hoover (English)
  • Tatsumi Tanabe Voiced by: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Japanese); Christopher Llewyn Ramirez (English)
  • Goro Aizawa Voiced by: Kenji Nomura (Japanese); Cris George (English)
  • Akemi Aizawa Voiced by: Kumiko Watanabe (Japanese); Luci Christian(English)

Other than these characters, there might be some new faces in the show. However, the officials have not yet clarified it, So we can’t comment on the matter.

Tomo-chan is a Girl Season 2 Plot: What It Will Be About?

As the title of the Anime series suggests, the story follows Tomo Aizawa, a teenage girl who is totally in love with her childhood best friend, Junichiro Kubota, for a long time. However, Junichiro Kubota only sees her as a boy and doesn’t refer to her as a girl. It is because of her living style and how she is a tomboy. As the story of the Anime series continued, we saw how to continue to win her love.

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If you are someone who loves romantic comedy series then this anime show is going to help you a lot. The story of this anime series is interesting and will allow the audience to hook up with the show till the end. The second season of the Anime series is likely to follow the same storyline and we will see how Tomorrow will win her love.

Where to Watch It?

I know that many people haven’t watched the first season of Tomo-Chan as a girl and if you are one of them then don’t worry. Tomo-Chan is a girl exclusively produced by Crunchyroll and the streaming platform has all the inclusive rights to stream The Anime series. The audience can watch this anime show on the platform by going to the official website of Crunchyroll.

Along with this, there are tons of amazing Anime series like Death Note Season 2, My Hero Academia Season 7, One Punch Man Season 3, Goblin Slayer Season 2, Rent a Girlfriend Season 3 and more.

Tomo-chan is a Girl Season 2 Official Trailer

The officials have not yet confirmed the renewal status of the second season and that’s why there is no official trailer for the upcoming season.

The official trailer for the second installment will be released as its production of it begins. However, if you are one of those people who haven’t what is the first season of the series, then here it is


The first season of the anime series concluded on a major cliffhanger, and there is no doubt that the officers will try their best to relieve the second season of the show. Not only this but Crunchyroll has always been super consistent with their popular series and the streaming platform has already hinted that it is regarding the potential of the second season.

As soon as the first season of the manga series was released, the majority of people started to look for the storyline. Since the animal was already popular from the manga days, it didn’t take much time for it to establish its fandom among the people.

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