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Tom Hanks: Tom Hanks And Wife Return To US, Couple Looks Healthy

A couple of days ago, we got the news that Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and his wife were positive for COVID-19. We have good news for the fans, they are back to the US, and they look healthy. The couple was found positive for Coronavirus, and after that, they were in Quarantine. Both of them followed all the rules correctly and are not perfectly fine. The fans are relieved with this news.

Take Care That You Don’t Fall Prey To This Deadly Virus:

This virus is not something that will leave your body quickly. When you have it, you will find it difficult to breathe, and you will have a high fever. That condition is very much painful. You must have seen videos of patients who are on a ventilator, and we hope that none of you readers get to face that. The mortality rate might be very less, but that does not mean that you will not get weak. Please follow all the guidelines by WHO.

Tom Hanks

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Tom Hanks And His Wife Had Good Immunity And Followed A Heatly Diet:

Now, if you think that Tom and his wife are now healthy so you will also get fine if you fall prey. Think again, they are superstars, and they have all the facilities available at their fingertips. 

They have the best dieticians in the world, and they work out, regularly, do you do that too? If your answer to all these is no, stay inside and stay safe. Even if your answer is yes, we don’t care, stay indoors, please.

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The World Is Not Going To Open Soon, And Please Find Something To Do In Your Home:

Tom Hanks

We regret to inform you that the world is not open for a few months. The inconvenience caused is deeply regretted, not by us, but you people too. You will regret it even more if you don’t pay attention to everything that the governments are saying. 

Stay inside the house; how hard is it to understand it? Why is it so essential to go out, are you so impatient that you will risk your life. We are no one to say anything if you want to risk your life but don’t become a threat to others, please.