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Tom Hanks Car Collection: How Many Cars Parked In His Garage?



As a man grows older, his tastes in everything, including his dream garage, change. When you were 15, you might fill four or five stalls with Ferraris and Rolls-Royces because they were the most expensive cars you could think of. When you were 65, you probably wouldn’t choose the same cars.

Even though you can’t trust A-list celebrities to spend their money on cars wisely it turns out that Tom Hanks has managed to stay famous for decades without losing his sense of style when it comes to cars. In fact, America’s dad, who turned 65 this month, is selling four of his personal vehicles a car, a truck, an SUV, and a trailer at an auction in August.

Tom Hanks has a huge collection of cars some cars include Fiat, Toyota Rav, Mercedes Benz E Class, and many more.

Scroll down, And have a look at Tom Hanks Car Collection.

Tom Hanks car collection

Tom Hanks car collection

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