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Tom DeLonge Net Worth: Take A Look How Rich This Artist Is?



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What Is The Net Worth Of Tom DeLonge?

American musician, record producer, and business owner Tom DeLonge has a net worth of $70 million. DeLonge is best known as the co-lead guitarist, singer, and founder of the band Blink-182. Since then, he has also started the band Angels & Airwaves. Tom had a lot of success with Blink-182 in the late 1990s and early 2000s, thanks to his nasal singing voice. However, when tensions within the band got too high, he was fired. DeLonge is also a successful businessman who has started a number of clothing companies. Tom is also a well-known filmmaker and UFO researcher.

A Glimpse Of His Early Life

Tom DeLonge was born in Poway, Calif., on December 13, 1975. Tom grew up in a middle-class family. His father worked for an oil company, and his mother sold mortgages. He played the guitar for the first time at a church camp, which was one of his first musical experiences. Then, for Christmas, some of his school friends gave him an acoustic guitar, and he started writing songs for his two younger siblings.

After going on a lot of tours, Blink-182 became a band that many record labels wanted to sign. In the end, they got a new contract with Epitaph Records and put out a second album called “Dude Ranch.” Even though the album went gold, Raynor was fired because of how much he drank, which hurt the band’s performance. Travis Barker took over as the band’s new drummer after Raynor left.

When the album “Enema of the State” came out in 1999, it made Blink-182 an insanely famous band. Some of the biggest hits of that time were singles like “What’s My Age Again?” and “All the Small Things.” After that, more than 15 million copies of “Enema of the State” were sold. After that, Tom went on tour and then released “Box Car Racer,” a side project and album, in 2002.

Only Travis Barker and Tom DeLonge worked on “Box Car Racer,” which made Hoppus feel like he was being left out. This made the band members angry with each other. After Blink-182’s self-titled album came out in 2003, Tom DeLonge grew further and further away from the band, which led to his firing.

Tom formed a new band called Angels & Airwaves after Blink-182 broke up. Tom and the other members of Blink-182 got back together in 2008 and made a new album called “Neighborhoods.” Then, in 2015, he left the group again and made his first solo album, “To the Stars… Demos, Odds and Ends.”

Business Ventures

Tom DeLonge started his own business at a young age because he wasn’t sure about Blink-182’s potential when he first started making music. In the late 1990s, he set up a group called Really Likable People to hold meetings (RLP). He put $20,000 into the holding group and then made a website that sold clothes for young people. He and a close friend started Atticus Clothing together in 2001. Macbeth Footwear came out a year later as a follow-up. Atticus Clothing was sold in 2005.

Tom started a business called Modlife in 2007. This company gave musicians an easy-to-use online platform for making websites, fan clubs, and other ways to make money. As of 2017, Midlife’s website was no longer up and running. However, Pearl Jam and Kanye West were once clients of the company. Tom also started a website called Strange Times, which was all about conspiracy theories, UFOs, and other similar things.

A Well-known UFO Researcher

Tom DeLonge is one of the most outspoken and well-known UFO researchers of our time. Since he was young, DeLonge has been sure that aliens are real. In 2015, DeLonge started To The Stars, Inc., a company that makes entertainment and has a division for science and space. This part of his business is all about researching UFOs. This company said in 2018 that it had lost more than $37 million.

In 2019, Tom’s company merged into the To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences, which made the TV show “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation” for the History Channel. In 2020, the Pentagon put out three videos that Tom’s company had already put out in 2017.

Song Rights’ Sale

In 2020, it was said that Tom DeLonge had sold the rights to all of the Blink 182 songs that he had written. Hipgnosis Songs, which is based in London, bought all of his rights to 157 Blink 182 songs, including hits like “All the Small Things.”

Private life

Since they were friends in high school, DeLonge started dating Jennifer Jenkins in 1996. On May 26, 2001, they got married in Coronado, California, on the San Diego Bay. At the party, the band Jimmy Eat World played. Mark Hoppus was a groomsman, and DeLonge gave each of them a silver yo-yo from Tiffany & Co. In 2019, DeLonge went through with a divorce. Delonge married a woman named Rita Marie in May 2021.

DeLonge and Jenkins have two kids. Their daughter’s name is Ava Elizabeth DeLonge, and their son’s name is Jonas Rocket DeLonge (born August 16, 2006).

Real Estate

Tom reportedly put a house in Rancho, Santa Fe, California, on the market in 2008 for around $6.3 million. When he first bought this house in 2005, it cost him $5.5 million. The 6,183-square-foot house has beautiful views of the nearby mountains, a hobby room, and ceilings made of cherry wood. The house is also on 1.5 acres of land, and at the time this listing was made, public records showed that DeLonge owned two nearby parcels.

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