Tom Cruise vs Brad Pitt: Who Is Worth More Money?



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Tom Cruise vs Brad Pitt: Who Is Worth More Money?

It’s safe to say that when it comes to the world of acting, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are two of the most recognizable names. The only difference in age between them is just over a year and a few months, with Cruise being the senior of the two. They have a total experience of 86 years as professional actors, and between them, they have been in well over 100 films that have been released in theatres.

Another similarity between these two megastars is that they have both dated and married other prominent figures in the entertainment industry over their careers. After nearly 15 years of marriage, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie recently completed the last steps of their divorce. Prior to their divorce in 2005, he was married to Jennifer Aniston from the years 2000 to 2005. Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman, and Mimi Rogers are the three women that Cruise has previously been married to but divorced.

Because their life paths are so similar to one another, any comparison between their respective net worth is sure to pique the interest of their respective audiences. Even though Pitt’s wealth has suffered somewhat as a result of his recent divorce, which cost him an estimated $300 million, the actor still possesses assets worth that much in his name alone. The star of Mission Impossible is literally twice as wealthy as Cruise, with a net worth of approximately $600 million, so this is where the comparisons with Cruise come to an end.

Tom Cruise vs Brad Pitt

When Cruise Was In Fourth Grade, Acting Caught His Attention

In July of 1962, Tom Cruise was born in Syracuse, New York; but, shortly after his birth, his family moved to Ottawa, Ontario, in Canada, since his father was offered a position as a consultant in a branch of the Canadian military. It was in the fourth grade when he first became interested in the performing arts, and he maintained this enthusiasm all the way through his senior year of high school.

When he was 18 years old, he moved back to New York City to pursue his ambition of a professional acting career. Prior to that, he had spent a few years living in New Jersey after the divorce of his parents. Even though it was a very little role, he made his debut in the motion picture industry in the year 1981 with the film Endless Love. However, he would soon be cast in more significant roles, including those in the films Taps and The Outsiders. After starring in Ridley Scott’s 1985 film Legend, Tom Cruise went on to become a breakout star in 1986’s Top Gun. He had worked his way up to become a respected, A-list performer in Hollywood.

Since then, Tom Cruise has established himself as the face of the Mission Impossible franchise, having starred in five additional films in the series following the success of the first film in 1996. A sizeable portion of the actor’s riches can be attributed to the Mission: Impossible franchise on its own.

Tom Cruise vs Brad Pitt

Pitt Believes That Money And Art Work In Tandem

More than $3.5 billion dollars’ worth of merchandise has been sold worldwide as part of the six-film series. This indicates that the conventional residual deals that Cruise would have negotiated would have added a sizeable amount to the already impressive upfront payments. However, the superstar has demonstrated that for him, it is not always about what is best for his bottom line.

In the 1980s, it is said that he was willing to take a wage reduction in exchange for the opportunity to work alongside Paul Newman and Martin Scorsese on the film The Color of Money. In a subsequent interview with the Washington Post, he would explain that “you can’t live your life for applause or for box office or reviews.” “It’s not to suggest that I’m not affected by it in any way, shape, or form. However, that cannot be the basis for the decisions I make in my life. Being able to do whatever I want to do and having the good fortune to collaborate with someone like Martin Scorsese are two of the perks that come along with being a movie star.”

For his part, Pitt is of the opinion that financial success and artistic achievement must coexist. He is reported to have said something to the effect that “They’re not designed to get along, yet they’re symbiotic.”

Tom Cruise vs Brad Pitt

Pitt And Cruise Respect Each Other

In spite of the fact that he is only one and a half years younger than Cruise, Pitt began his career in Hollywood approximately six years after his fellow countryman. His appearances in the films Hunk, No Way Out, No Man’s Land, and Less than Zero, all of which were released in 1987, were unnoticed. The next year, he was cast in his very first main role, which was in the film The Dark Side of the Sun. Reportedly, he was paid a pitiful amount for this performance, which was $1,523.

During those formative years, Pitt also appeared on a number of television episodes, including Growing Pains, Dallas, and Glory Days. He also tried his hand at a little bit of acting. It is arguable that the films Thelma & Louise (1991) and A River Runs Through It (1992) are the ones that truly established him as an actor deserving of a place on the A-list. After two years, he and Tom Cruise collaborated on the production of the gothic horror film Interview with the Vampire, which brought their paths together.

In spite of the fact that the movie was a financial success, the two actors never truly got along with each other. Pitt has stated that he was miserable throughout the majority of the shoot, and it is considered that it is highly unlikely that Cruise will shoot another film with him. Despite this, there is mutual admiration for what each of them has accomplished on their own, including amassing a total net worth of almost one billion dollars. When it comes to the fight of net worth, though, Cruise reigns supreme, and the competition isn’t even close.

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