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Tom Cruise : Norway Let Bypass To Film ‘Mission- Impossible 7 in Coronavirus Quarantine


David Mudd

You might think that a film mission would be impossible during the coronavirus crisis, but not in Norway. The government has announced that Tom Cruise and his crew may leave the country’s coronavirus quarantine for scenes from Mission: Impossible movies on August 7.

Cruise spoke directly to Abid Raja, Norway’s Minister of Culture, last week. Cruise spoke about his love for Norway: “It is a beautiful country, I can’t wait to go back there. I am very excited because the whole team is about to return.”

Strict rules followed

Norway’s Agriculture and Food Minister Olaug Bollestad made the announcement during a news conference- announce updated coronavirus travel and border restrictions. It’s not such good news for many of the estimated 10,000 Norwegians that flew to Spain when the restrictions lifted two weeks ago. Unlike Cruise, they now face a mandatory 10-day quarantine on their return.

Arrival Of Tom Cruise

Upon arrival in Norway, the crew is subject to a strict health regime. Bollestad said that “the members of the production team in Norway are separated from each other”, which regulates any interaction with the public. The crew is also subject to periodic testing.

Tom Cruise
Source: BBC

Promotion of Norway- Tom Cruise

Bollestad said the film was important to show “the nature, culture, and history” of Norway to a global audience. It appears the government was happy with the promotion of Norway in the latest film in the franchise, Mission: Impossible – The Result. Some scenes filmed in Norway, including a literal cliffhanger in the iconic Preikostol (Pulpit Rock). However, the film was established in India, and neither Pulpit Rock nor Norway were named in the film.

But the Norwegian film institute has been digging around to give the production team a multi-million dollar grant. Some scenes filmed in the Morog and Romsdal region of western Norway, although exact details are not yet available.

King told NRK that the grants are important not only to promote Norway, but also to develop the skills of the national film industry.

Tom Cruise
Source: BBC