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Tokyo Game Show 2020 Cancelled, Digital Event Still Possible


David Mudd

I don’t even need to say this, but we all know what effect the coronavirus pandemic has on humanity. It looks like everything is suddenly paused. We are witnessing its effect on every field, including major events across the globe. Many big events needed to cancel their physical shows and went for online events. However, now Tokyo Game Show 2020 is also following that path too.

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Tokyo Game Show aka TGS

Many of you don’t know about this, I bet. It is quite obvious though. Well, you can call it a Video Game Expo. Every year in September, this event is held in Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan. Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association and Nikkel Business Publications, Inc. organized the expo. Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry sponsored the event. The first Tokyo Game Show happened on 22nd August 1996.

The Goal Of Tokyo Game Show

Tokyo Game Show

If you are thinking about the game show’s motive, then it’s alright. I can give a basic idea about it. Developers can showcase the upcoming games or their information in the event. Although the Japanese games are the main focus of this convention. But the authority allows some international video game developers for the showcasing.

The Expo continues for four days. But first, two days are only for Business purposes. The general public can attend the event in the final two days.

Tokyo Game Show 2020 Canceled, But It May Go For Online Event

The next TGS event was scheduled for a physical event from 24 to 27th September. But no thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, it is not going to happen. Well, I am not surprised by this news at all. Because it happened also with many other big events this year. We have to keep in mind public safety also.

Tokyo Game Show

This expo is always been a platform for developers and publishers to showcase their new releases. However, don’t be upset. Just like others, Tokyo Game Show 2020 will also come to a digital format. But it is an initial plan now. Furthermore, we have to wait to get the next announcement at the end of this month.

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