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Tokyo Babylon | Manga

As the name suggests, Tokyo Babylon is a series that relates to Tokyo City. It is a Japanese shojo manga series. I love manga series, don’t you?


If you have the same choice like me then let’s have a look over the article that contains all the relevant info regarding Tokyo Babylon.

Tokyo Babylon is also known by the name called Tokyo Babylon: A Save Tokyo City Story. This series points Subaru Sumeragi who is the head of the Sumeragi Clan and his sister named Hokuto. They tries to protect Tokyo from supernatural perils when they are living with a man called Seishiro Sakurazuka.

To know something more, keep on scrolling down ………..

All the fans (including me) are in search of recent updates about Tokyo Babylon. If you haven’t enjoyed the Tokyo Babylon before then you can recognize its popularity by the IMDb Rating which is given below…….

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Tokyo Babylon

As I told you earlier that Tokyo Babylon is one of the best manga series which is created by Clamp. The story is written by Nanase Ohkawa and art by Mokona. Tokyo Babylon was serialized by Shinshokan. Initially, it was aired from 1990 to 1993.

Its English language version was first aired by Tokyopop and is now available on Dark Horse Comics. Tokyo Babylon is based on dojinshi Clamp.

After reading that much, I think you are eager to know the storyline of the series in depth………

Tokyo Babylon: The Plotline

The story of Tokyo Babylon starts with a monster of the week. The main character of the story is 16 years old Subaru Sumeragi, who is powerful magician. Sumeragi is the 13th head of Onmyoji’s family in Japan.


Subaru is called just to resolve various mysteries and to meet the people who are kind hearted and are ready to help. She lives in Tokyo with his sister named Hokuto. She is a twin girl and an exuberant girl whose main occupation is to create eccentric clothing for her brother and herself.

Seishiro Sakurazuka is her mutual friend. He is 25 years old veterinarian kind man, who declares his love for Subaru. Seishiro was different from his appearance. Subaru has so many wishes/ dreams to meet her love under a cherry tree. Clearly, she wants to meet Seishiro.

As per the rules of the Sakurazukamori, Seishiro should kill him but she was impressed by the purity of the small child. He tried to meet Subaru again and spent around 1 year with him. In that time period, she tries to protect and love him.

At the end of that time period, he felt something loving for Subaru which differentiate him from a thing that he can easily diminish.

All the things come to a turn when Seishiro loses Subaru. Ultimately, Subaru comes to know that he is in love with Seishiro. After that time period, Seishiro declares himself as the winner of the bet. He breaks him arm and tortures him but doesn’t get success in killing him.

Hokuto feels guilty as she knew, she is in danger. She believed that she is the only one who touches Subaru’s heart.

Let me tell you the name of the leading characters of the series…………

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Cast/ Characters of Tokyo Babylon

  • Kappei Yamaguchi as Subaru Sumeragi
  • Nana Mizuki as Hokuto Sumeragi
  • Takehito Koyasu as Seishirō Sakurazuka

These are the leading characters of the story that made the show heart touching for all of us.

The question arises about the release date of Tokyo Babylon……….

The Release Date of Tokyo Babylon

Initially, Tokyo Babylon was released on 21st August, 1993.


For 2021, the production is delayed due to pandemic situation of COVID- 19. Right now, there is no official announcement regarding the premiere of Tokyo Babylon in 2021.

I will update this info as soon as possible when I will get some info from the producers.

Don’t you like to enjoy the trailer……….

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The Trailer of Tokyo Babylon

By the help of the video, you will get to know what actually happens in Tokyo Babylon.

IMDb Rating of Tokyo Babylon

The IMDb Rating is 6.7 out of 10. That signifies the demand and popularity of the show among the fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a series named, “Tokyo Babylon”?

At present, it is not confirmed that whether the series will renew or not.

What is Tokyo Babylon?

It is a Japanese shojo manga series.

Final Words

Tokyo Babylon is one of the best Japanese manga series which becomes demand of all the fans (including me). It is the series which is based on the loving relationship of Subaru and Sheirio, who are the main characters of the story. Now, we have to wait for the release date………..


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