Titans Season 4: HBO MAX Confirmed the Release of the Fourth Season!



DC comics have always attracted a lot of people with their amazing stories. While we talked about their infamous movies or animated shows, they have always put the extraordinary in front of the people. Titans is one of their famous shows that has gained massive popularity over the past. The series follows the story of teenage superheroes that are ready to take all the problems on their shoulders. What happens when the heroes take over the world? 

The life of the creators of the superhero show has already been messed up since their birth. What makes them important is how they grow together with all of their insecurities and problems and still try to make the best for the world. 

Titans were officially dropped in 2018 and have been successfully managing their popularity over the years. Fans have always liked the concept of superheroes and there is no doubt that titans will be among their popular choices. In this article, we’ll be talking about the fourth season of the Titans. If you are someone who lives this show then continue reading the article till the end and get to know about everything. 

Titans: What do I need to know? 

Titans Season 4

The DC universe’s original superhero movie, Titans, was first released on 3 October 2018. Anyone who loves DC knows that the show is originally based on their popular comic book. “Teen Titans”. 

Created by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, and Greg Berlantim the show tells the story of the teenager superheroes that are ready to take care of the world and fight against the evils, over the 5 years, the show has successfully managed to gain the trust of the audience through their overachieving episodes and now there have been suspicions about the fourth part.

The official opinion of the show says, “This gritty take on the “Teen Titans” franchise follows young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age and find where they belong. Dick Grayson and Rachel Roth, a special girl possessed by a strange darkness, get involved in a conspiracy that could bring Hell on Earth. Hot-headed Starfire and lovable Beast Boy join them along the way as together they become a surrogate family and team of heroes fighting evil.?”

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Titans Season 4: When is it going to Release?

Titans Season 4

The fourth installment of Titans is recently in talks and why shouldn’t it be? The series is one of the greatest and we can at least expect the developers to release its fourth part. After the ending of season 3, fans were already speculating about the future of the show. 

As the series ended on a cliffhanger, it was already confirmed that DC will set back the return of the show. However, the release of the third installment was hit with the Paden mice and was postponed badly. 

Fans were eagerly waiting to hear what will happen to the fourth part. Fortunately, HBO is not planning to cancel Titans anytime soon. 

In official news, the show has been confirmed to release its fourth season. HBO Max has officially confirmed the fourth part and they have already revealed that the showrunners have already started to work. 

Many fans don’t know about it but Titans Season 4 has already started development earlier. Now, HBO MAX has not yet revealed the release date for the show. It seems like the officials are busy with the production then to release a date for the show. Fans are hoping to see the story more early than anyone else. Titans Season 3 was aired in October 2021, so it would be fair to assume that the show will be happening in  2022. 

However, there is no hurry to release the exact release date since the series has not officially wrapped up. But unlike season 3, the fourth season is likely to get on time. We have already seen that the show has been through a lot of major cliffhangers, which means that the series will be featuring all the things on time. 

We are estimating the release of Titans Season 4 to be happening by the end of 2022 or 2023. Also, We will make sure to put all the latest updates on the superhero show and if there will be any updates, we will update this section.

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Titans Season 4: Who will be back?

Titans Season 4  Since season 1, we have been seeing Brenton Thwaites as the main protagonist and playing the character of Dick Grayson or you can call him Nightwing. The main character of this show is already popular and it wouldn’t be the best idea to not cast him. 

We can expect him to return as usual. Moreover, the other members of the group will be the same. Talking bout the cast, here is the list of the characters that are likely to be in the season 4

  • Brenton Thwaites will be back as Dick Grayson.
  • Anna Diop will be seen as Koriand’r / Kory Anders
  • Teagan Croft will go to cast Rachel Roth
  • Ryan Potter as Gar Logan
  • Curran Walters as usual Jason Todd / Red Hood
  • Conor Leslie will act as Donna Troy
  • Chelsea Zhang as the character Rose Wilson
  • Joshua Orpin will be seen as Conner
  • Minka Kelly as the character Dawn Granger / Dove
  • Alan Ritchson will be seen as Hawk
  • Damaris Lewis as usual Blackfire

Moreover, it is officially confirmed that Savannah Welch and Jay Lycurgo are going to be cast as Guest characters along with Iain Glen. We don’t know whether Bruce Wayne is going to come as a guest character in season 4 or not but there has been speculation that he will be reprising a prominent role in the show.

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Titans Season 4 Plot: What will be the storyline?

Titans Season 4

There is no doubt the titans is a great series but the only thing that I don’t like is the number of characters. The DC comic has tried to put every character which they have in their comics into this series, I mean hold on this isn’t Infinity War. with so many new characters, the old ones aren’t getting much attention and they are kinda sidelined. 

Well, it looks like the fourth season is going to be full of surprises since season 3 has already teased about a lot of things. Even though there have been massive speculations as of now, the officials have not yet responded to anything about the possibility of the show.

The admirers of the show are also criticizing this and I have seen numerous tweets relating to this issue. A person on Twitter wrote, “ You already gave so many good characters. Focus on making the good characters great, before introducing more good characters. We need development, rather than fan service. Fan service is something you build to, by having great characters.”

While another says, “How about focusing on the core 4 instead of adding every single character that’s ever been created? What does Tim add to the story that we aren’t or haven’t gotten from Dick and Jason already? I don’t get this, sorry. The cast is stacked as it is and they’ve proved they can’t handle this many characters. Barbara at least adds something to the story”

Not only this but there are rumors that the show is also going to cast Batgirl. The titans have already allowed batman in their show and now batgirl. However, many people are happy with these superheroes and the show is already getting more attention because of it. 

What are the ratings of this show?

By far now, this show has received a good amount of feedback from people. Not only this but the critics have also given a good rating to this show. Titans have 80% of rotten tomatoes and the IMDb rating of this show is 7.7/10. 

Furthermore, TV.com has given an 8.1/10 rating to this show. The show is loved by many people and that’s how it has gained 4.4 stars in Audience Rating Summary. 

Final Words

Titans Season 4 is officially under production, the show ahs already released its three season and every season has been doing amazing. There has been widespread demand for the fourth season. Fans are hoping to see the story more early than anyone else. Titans Season 3 was aired in October 2021, so it would be fair to assume that the show will be happening in  2022. 

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