Tires Season 2: Netflix’s Latest Comedy-drama Series is Coming Back?



Netflix’s latest sensation, Tires has officially marked its release on the platform. The fans of comedy-drama series should assemble because Tires has finally made its way to the streaming platform. Created by Shane Gills, Steve Gerbem, and John McKeever, the series has become a major talk around the world.

The loyal Fans of the show are looking forward to a continuation of the engaging storylines and character development that made the first season a blockbuster hit. 

When the finale episode rolled down, it was obvious for the viewers to anticipate more with the show. The question about the future of Shane is still running in the minds of the fans. Continue reading the article to learn about Tires season 2 in depth.

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Genre Comedy
Created by
  • Shane Gillis
  • Steve Gerben
  • John McKeever
Directed by John McKeever
  • Shane Gillis
  • Steve Gerben
  • Chris O’Connor
  • Kilah Fox
  • Stavros Halkias
Country of origin United States
Original language English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 6
Executive producers
  • Shane Gillis
  • John McKeever
  • Steve Gerben
Running time 20–23 minutes
Production Company Dad Sick Productions
Network Netflix
Release May 24, 2024 –


Tires Season 2 Release Date: When it is going to be Air?

On May 24, 2024, Tires released its first season on Netflix. The series comprises 6 episodes where the story of Will (Steven Gerben), the nervous and unqualified heir to an auto repair chain, starts. As the series continues we see how he attempts to turn his father’s business around despite constant torment from his cousin and now employee, Shane, and makes it successful.

Fans were amazed by the storyline of the series and desired to watch the show for another season. However, at the time of writing, we don’t have any official confirmation on season 2. The officials have not renewed the series yet. 

But, there are enough chances for the showrunner to work on the story. The renewal of the show gets declared in 6 months and if everything goes accordingly, we might hear some good news soon.

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Tires Season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

As per the latest detail, we don’t have any official announcement for the new season of this comedy-drama series. However, if there comes a season 2, the following characters might be back. Take a look at the cast of the series and learn more about them.

  • Shane Gillis as Shane
  • Steve Gerben as Will
  • Chris O’Connor as Cal
  • Kilah Fox as Kilah
  • Stavros Halkias as Dave
  • Andrew Schulz and Tommy Pope as Schulz and Tommy aka “The Wops”
  • Anthony Moore as Anthony
  • John McKeever as Belmont Mechanic
  • Matt McCusker as Max the Cop
  • Francis Ellis as George
  • Kerryn Feehan as Reagan
  • Rachel Keefe as Amber
  • Ryan Shaner as Darren
  • Mike Rainey as Mike
  • Emely Cartagena as Alexis
  • Rachel Aspen as Molly
  • Ellen McAlpine as Vicki
  • Mary Radzinski as Mary

Tires Season 2 Plot Updates: What to Expect with it?

The official synopsis of the show reads, “At the Valley Forge Auto shop, manager Will pushes a new inclusion initiative and invites a reporter to cover it, but the interview goes off the rails. With sales down, Dave pressures Will to send a mechanic to another shop while Shane reconnects with an old friend who proposes a tempting offer. To beat Belmont’s team in sales and win a gift card, the shop draws in customers with an oil change special, but Will’s upselling attempts fall short.

Will tries to build a marketing campaign for his new idea until devastating rumors about the store’s future and his reputation throw him off-balance. Will and Shane prepare for a fun day on the job after hiring women for an attention-grabbing car wash but are forced to pivot when a visitor drops in. Will hits a low point after clashing with his toughest critic over his life choices. An unlikely advocate steps in to help save his job and the shop.”

If season 2 comes, we can expect the story of Shane to continue. As for the official synopsis, specifics remain under wraps, but viewers can speculate more of the same hilarious antics and absurd situations that were there in the first season.

Tires Season 2 Official Trailer

Take a look at the official trailer of season 1. If you are new to the show and have not watched the first season, here it is. However, season 2 of the series is not yet out. You can wait for the official confirmation of the series.

Where to watch the show?

Tires is officially available on Netflix. The comedy-drama series has become a latest sensation for the audience around the world. If you want to stream the show, head to the platform and learn everything about them.

What are the Online Ratings of the Series?

Before finishing this article, check out the online rating of the series in detail. The ratings of the show will guide you through the details.

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Final Verdict

Tires explore the story of Will (Steven Gerben) and his determination. The show marks a successful hit on the screen and becomes a popular show for the fans. Despite gaining the support of the viewers, the renewal status of the series is still pending.

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