5 Tips On How To Select Leave Management Software


Sandeep Singh

Is it just you who trembles at the mere thought of vacation season or winter season of infections because you have to look for substitutes? In that case, it is high time to invest in a leave management software that makes the job simple, efficient, and time-saving. What features are necessary to make leave management simple and efficient? Check our 5 tips on how to select leave management software.

#1 Are the tasks fully automated?  

If you want to get specific and right time of requests from the whole company, give them the right choices. The leave tracker software should definitely allows you to create a multitude of time off requests, for example:

  • PTO (paid time off), which allows employees to use the days off from their bank of hours,
  • vacation leave,
  • jury duty,
  • unpaid time off,
  • maternity leave,
  • sick leave,
  • options for time off in other categories.

Thanks to using task automation, the hours or days requested in each of the categories are automatically deducted from the bank of hours, or they allow you to count the remuneration for your employees. Take a look at your employee’s calendar as well, and make sure you know for sure what days they’ll be absent.

#2 Can employees request time off for the whole day or by hours?

There are situations in which an employee needs to go to the doctor’s appointment in the middle of the day, which is connected with a few hours off. That’s why the leave management software must have the option of requesting time off for the whole day or by hours.

In order to make the choice simple and clear for the employee, and also for you, it’s best if the option is combined with the date and the time period. This will give you the precise amount of time the employee used off.

#3 Is it possible to add necessary attachments? 

In case of some leave requests it’s necessary to add attachments. It’s obvious employees don’t need to scan their plane tickets when going on holidays and requesting for vacation leave, but if they’re sick, and they request for the sick leave, they need to send a medical certificate.

By enabling the option, you can save a lot of time for both employees and HR departments. Employees do not need to worry about delivering medical certificates to the HR department, and HR departments are provided with instant access to all relevant data.

#4 Can you define your leave approval flow? 

The efficient leave management software should definitely allow you to define your leave approval flow.

Decide how many levels the leave request approval will have – will only one person be responsible for reviewing new requests, or maybe there will also be second step approval verification for your HR department?

Upon receiving a new leave request, the first person is notified, and following verification, the request is sent for second-level approval. When the request is rejected, it will not be sent for further approval.

#5 Is the software safe and easy to use for both you and the employees? 

A leave tracker must be available online, accessible via any web browser, and any device, either a computer, laptop, or a smartphone. A free mobile app for both Android and iOS phones will be additional value.

There is no doubt that your data must be stored securely on servers, with immediate access to all important information.

Do you still need paper versions of all absence requests or leave calendars? Make sure the leave management software has the option of saving and exporting the file as PDF, CSV or XLS files, as well as printing them.