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5 Tips for Customizing Your Mid Century Modern House

Are you looking for a way to make your midcentury modern house feel like home? From cool colors to unique furniture, there are plenty of ways to customize and add your own personal touches to this classic style. So, let’s dive right in and explore some tips for customizing your mid century modern house!

Creating a Balance Between Past and Present

One of the key aspects of successfully incorporating mid century modern style into your home is finding a balance between retaining and showcasing the best elements of the past, while also making thoughtful improvements to ensure your living space caters to current needs. A good rule to live by is: keep it simple, opt for quality materials and stick with one or two colors throughout. One of the best ways to start incorporating this kind of style is to start looking at Truoba mid century modern floor plans, so you can get the inspiration for your next project or even the house!

When selecting furnishings, look for pieces that have clean, minimal lines and an effortless feel. Opt for comfortable seating pieces that are slightly curved—rather than angular—and contrast them with square or rectangular rugs or area carpets. To insert a contemporary touch, opt for textured accents like tiled flooring or terrazzo backsplashes alongside mid century staples such as mahogany wood cabinets and organic-shaped tables.

For brightening up a room and enhancing its mid century character, choose simple yet stylish light fixtures such as sputnik chandeliers. Place lamps with geometric shapes on side tables or dressers and try to use an interesting variety of metals in order to give details some shine. For more immersive effects, use materials like exposed brick walls – these can unify all elements in a room along with bringing visual interest up several notches – from informal rooms like dens to formal ones like dining spaces. And lastly but surely not least, given the flat surfaces often associated with midcentury décor, experiment with vivid colors for walls where you won’t be placing large furniture items — giving them a pop art-inspired touch!

Incorporating Nature Into Your Design

Nature is a great source of inspiration when designing your mid century modern house style. Whether you’re looking to create a tranquil oasis or emphasize the connection between the inside and outside, incorporating nature into your home can help achieve your desired result. Here are some great ways to add a splash of the outdoors to your space:

1. Bring in plants – Fill corners and tabletops with plants that bring life and texture to the room, stone cacti, ferns and succulents add an unmistakable mid century aesthetic.

2. Incorporate wood – Utilize wood when possible as this is a prominent material in midcentury design! Choose furniture that incorporates wood for legs or arms as well as feature walls or shelves made from reclaimed woods for more visible detail.

3. Introduce wicker – Wicker furniture is commonly found in traditional English interiors and mixed-in Scandinavian style homes because of its unique texture and feel. Add it into some of your chairs, couches and tables for an airy touch!

4. Use natural textiles – Choosing pieces with natural fibers such as jute or cotton will bring an earthy element into your space, while also providing comfort that can be enjoyed all year round! Mid Century inspired wall art such as prints on woven mats are always aesthetically pleasing.


In conclusion, when customizing it you should consider the materials, paint colors, and furniture used in the 1950s and 1960s. These designs incorporated natural wood finishes, light-colored walls, and organic shapes which can still be found in modern homes today. Additionally, keep in mind how to properly maintain original mid century features such as terrazzo floors and kitchen cabinetry. By incorporating these design principles into your home renovation or construction project, you will create a custom space that is sure to impress.

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