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Tinder Will Allow Users To Search People Globally


David Mudd

Tinder has a feature for its premium users that allows them to select a location and search for people. It is commonly used by travelers. Because they can schedule a date or meet up with the person they find. After all, now Tinder announced that they are getting rid of geographical limits for all users.

The Global Mode announced by the company will allow users to search users across the globe. Besides, they can reach out to them regardless of which area the other person is in. People from all other countries will be found within the application. Passport feature is mainly used by people to make friends in somewhere to show them around or pass time.

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The Feature Will Be Free For Everyone On Tinder

The Global Mode will not be a premium feature like Passport. It is free for all users across the platform. Moreover, the profiles of millions of people float all around the world. Next week, it will start testing in some users as in the initial stage. All users can expect the feature in the near future if everything goes as planned.

The pandemic situation made the company think about removing geographical barriers. The after-effects of the pandemic on tinder include other things too. After all, they decided to launch a one-on-one video chat feature. It will come to the application pretty much soon. Besides, it also features other features like in-app trivia. At last, the company acknowledging that finding out a person never needs to meet them in person.

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