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Timothy Olyphant Net Worth: What Is the Net Worth of Timothy Olyphant in 2022?

Timothy Olyphant Net Worth

Timothy Olyphant is a well-known actor in the United States who is now worth a total of $20 million. Although Timothy began his career as a stage actor in off-Broadway shows, he later became renowned for a wide range of film appearances and earned a reputation for playing villains.

Although Timothy began his career on the stage, he eventually became known for his work in films. Both the HBO series “Deadwood” and the FX series “Justified” featured him in some of the most well-known roles of his career. Olyphant has been honoured with a lot of accolades and nominations during the course of his career.

Timothy Olyphant Early Life

Timothy Olyphant Net Worth

Timothy David Olyphant was born on May 20th, 1968 in the city of Honolulu, which is located in the state of Hawaii. Timothy went to Modesto, California, when he was just two years old. There, he was nurtured along with his two brothers. Timothy is a member of an illustrious New York family with roots in the Vanderbilt dynasty; his father served at one time as vice president of the Gallo Winery.

Olyphant loved sketching and other types of art while he was a student in high school, but he did not pursue a career in acting at that time. After finishing high school, he went on to compete in swimming and was noticed by the University of Southern California, which led to his receiving a scholarship there.

It was not possible for him to pursue his interest in design because of the demanding schedule he had as a professional swimmer. Instead, he pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the university.

Timothy ultimately received his degree in the year 1990 and graduated. At first, he wasn’t really sure what he wanted to do next, and Olyphant struggled to decide between completing his master’s degree, working as a swimming instructor, and performing stand-up comedy in New York City.

However, he ultimately decided to perform stand-up comedy in New York City. When he was in college, he pursued acting as an optional course, and he found that he thoroughly loved the experience.

After moving to New York, he found that he was interested in pursuing a career in acting and enrolled in classes at the William Esper Studio. Olyphant began the audition process for jobs shortly after finishing a programme that lasted for two years.

Timothy Olyphant Career

At spite of the fact that Olyphant’s first paid acting assignment was for a pilot, the performance of “The Monogamist” in an off-Broadway theatre in 1995 was the catalyst for his actual breakthrough. The Outstanding Debut Performance award from Theatre World was bestowed upon him.

The next year, he had a starring role in an additional off-Broadway show called “The SantaLand Diaries.” The young actor quickly gained the attention of film critics, and in that same year, he made his debut in the film “The First Wives Club.” Additionally, in that same year, he made his debut on television in the sitcom “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”

Olyphant had a cameo appearance on three different episodes of “High Incident” in the year 1997, which helped him solidify his growing reputation in television. After that, she appeared in supporting parts in movies including “A Life Less Ordinary” and “Ellen Foster.”

Timothy’s performance as the film’s protagonist in “Scream 2” capped off an otherwise fruitful year for him as an actor by marking his entrance into the mainstream acting scene. In the film, he portrayed a film student who evolves into one of the film’s antagonists later on. Later on, Olyphant referred to the part as “a gift” and said that it was instrumental in helping him progress his career significantly.

In the year 1998, he had a recurring role on the television show “Sex and the City” before landing a part in the HBO war film “When Trumpets Fade.” After that, he had an appearance in a low-budget movie titled “1999” before becoming a member of the cast of “Advice from a Caterpillar.”

His next film, “No Vacancy,” again starred Christina Ricci and was his follow-up effort. In the 1999 movie “Go,” in which Timothy portrayed a role similar to that of a drug dealer, he gained further prominence. The movie is now considered to be a cult classic.

Timothy Olyphant Net Worth

Olyphant had a significant part in the movie “The Broken Hearts Club,” which was released in 2000, before he was cast in “Gone in 60 Seconds,” another movie in which he had a significant role. Following the critical and financial success of this film, he was offered the role of Dominic Toretto in “The Fast and the Furious,” but he declined the role, citing his belief that the whole concept of the franchise was “dumb.”

In the year 2001, he had roles in movies like “Rock Star,” “Auggie Rose,” and “Head Over Heels,” and then in the year 2002, he had a part in the science fiction television series “Night Visions.” In the same year, he had a starring role in yet another indie movie called “Coastlines.”

After that, he became well known for his supporting role in the critically acclaimed and financially successful film “A Man Apart” starring Vin Diesel. Olyphant also secured roles in films such as “Dreamcatcher” and “The Safety of Objects” during this time period.

When Olyphant appeared in “The Girl Next Door” in 2004, playing the role of a pornographic director, he once again received favourable notice from the media. Olyphant subsequently claimed that he had a propensity for unknowingly rejecting jobs that would have made him even more famous.

He stated that this was the case despite the fact that he had already built a successful cinema career at this point. On the other side, he has expressed thankfulness for his lengthy career, during which he has not had to cope with the problems associated with high celebrity, as many other performers have.

When he was cast as Sheriff Seth Bullock in the television series “Deadwood” in 2004, it became one of his most well-known performances to date. The television programme was critically acclaimed over its whole run of three seasons.

After that, he had a recurring role on the television show “My Name Is Earl” before he landed the lead role in the romantic comedy “Catch and Release.” Again and again, reviewers were extremely complimentary of Olyphant’s work as a performer.

Both “Live Free or Die Hard” and “Hitman” were released that same year with him in the starring roles. In the past, Timothy was quite picky about the roles that he agreed to do; nevertheless, in 2007, he bought a house and accepted roles in these two films for “purely financial considerations.” During this time, he also appeared in films such as the comedy “Meet Bill” and the drama “Stop-Loss,” both of which were about the Iraq War.

In addition to that, he provided the voice for a character in the video game “Turok” and appeared as a guest on the programme “Samantha Who?”

After 2009, Olyphant began to be pickier about the roles he accepted in films, and after that year he featured in movies such as “A Perfect Getaway” and “High Life.” In addition to that, he was cast in a recurrent part in the movie “Damages.” After appearing in the films “The Crazies” and “Elektra Luxx,” Timothy was cast in “Justified,” which would become one of his most well-known performances to date.

In addition to playing a Deputy United States Marshal, he served as an executive producer for the series. This turned out to be the defining role of his whole career, and many commentators drew comparisons between him and a younger version of Clint Eastwood. In 2011, the series was ultimately honoured with a Peabody Award.

While Olyphant was working on the series “Justified,” he also appeared in episodes of other television shows such as “The Office,” “The League,” and “The Mindy Project.” In addition to that, he provided the voice for a character in the anime series “Archer,” and he also secured more voice acting jobs in the video game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.” During this time frame, he had roles in movies such as “Raising Arizona” and “This Is Where I Leave You.”

Olyphant made his comeback to stage acting with an off-Broadway production of the play “Hold On to Me Darling” after having a role in the television series “The Grinder.” Following that, he was cast in films such as “Mother’s Day,” “Snowden,” and “Dark Was the Night.” In addition to that, he secured a leading part in an upcoming season of the Netflix comedy “Santa Clarita Diet.”

Timothy Olyphant reprised the part he had previously played in the film adaptation of “Deadwood,” which debuted on HBO in 2019 and lasted for two hours. In 2019, he was cast as a voice actor in the animated movie “Missing Link,” and he also had an appearance in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” which was directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Timothy Olyphant Relationships

Timothy Olyphant tied the knot with his college girlfriend Alexis Knief in 1991; it was their first and only marriage. The couple tied the knot when Timothy was just 23 years old, and since then, they have raised three children together as a married couple. The family presently makes their home in Westwood, which is located near Los Angeles.

Timothy Olyphant Other Interests

Timothy has a significant passion for sports, and at one time in his life he worked as a sports reporter for Joe Escalante’s morning radio show in Los Angeles. In addition, he competes in a number of celebrity tennis events at a level equivalent to that of a semi-professional.

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