TikTok’s ‘Borg’ Drinking Trend: Why Is It So Dangerous?


Saloni Singh

Borg is the most recent drinking game that is clearing across US campuses and TikTok takes care of, yet specialists have cautioned that it is dangerous. Yet, what is a borg?

Hitting the bottle hard is a rite of section for most young people, particularly those living nearby, yet wellbeing experts are cautioning the most recent hard-core boozing trend getting out and about on TikTok is exceptionally dangerous.

For those readers who have graduated school, you will be excused for not understanding what the children are doing nowadays and what is trending. So, continue to read to figure out what a borg drink is and why it is dangerous.

What Is a Borg Drink?

Another school drinking trend is advancing around TikTok and it has become known as the borg.

The name is another way to say “power outage rage gallon” and it sees understudies blending a half-gallon of water in with a half-gallon of liquor (typically vodka) and an electrolyte flavor enhancer.

The hashtag #borg has accumulated more than 74.7 million views on TikTok.

TikTok’s ‘Borg’ Drinking Trend: Why Is It So Dangerous?

How Did the Borg Begin Trending?

The borg drinking strategy began trending on TikTok after a video was posted on 5 February 2023. It right now has more than 3.3 million views. In the video, which is a stitch of TikTok user Bellaaalonzo’s borg recipe, the borg is lauded for its water-to-liquor proportion, ability to be shut with a cover, and Fluid I.V. fixing.

The reason the trend in all probability became famous with Gen Z is that it is a simple method for becoming inebriated with fixings that are effectively accessible, that also taste great. The borg is also said to keep you hydrated because of the electrolyte enhancer.

One more supportive element of a borg is that it accompanies a cover and a handle. This implies you will continuously understand what’s in your beverage and thusly will cause you to feel more secure.

TikTok user Erin.monroe_ also shared her understanding on the borg trend by discussing the gallon-container blended drink as a damage decrease methodology.

Why Is It Dangerous?

Be that as it may, not every person is energetic about the wellbeing part of the new drinking trend. Wellbeing specialists have said that the new drinking trend is “incredibly dangerous” because it advances hard-core boozing.

Sarah O’Brien, a dependence specialist, let Yippee know that: “I can’t track down a potential gain to it. I don’t think blending a gallon of alcohol in with a blender is really great for any communities, particularly younger ages.”

Numerous understudies have been sharing the proportions they use to make their borg and specialists have addressed how much liquor they are utilizing.

TikTok’s ‘Borg’ Drinking Trend: Why Is It So Dangerous?

“Similarly as with some other vehicle for polishing off liquor, the risks will essentially rely on how much liquor a person consumes and how rapidly they consume it,” makes sense of Dr. George F. Koob, the overseer of the Public Institute on Liquor Abuse and Alcoholism at the Public Institutes of Wellbeing.

Koob has said he has seen recipes that call for a portion of a gallon of vodka and as per him “Drinking this much liquor would be lethal for by far most of individuals, regardless of whether spread out over an entire day.”

‘Borg’ Drinking Trend Hospitalizes US Understudies!

Another drinking trend clearing TikTok has sent many university understudies to hospital over the course of the end of the week, leaving grounds authorities concerned.

28 ambulances were called to help understudies at the University of Massachusetts who had stirred up liquor blends called “power outage rage gallons” – all the more usually referred to on the social media stage as “borgs” .

So numerous ambulances were required that adjoining towns to Amherst, east of Boston, needed to send their crisis vehicles as well, as per neighborhood reports.

The #borg TikTok trend includes taking a gallon compartment (3.7 liters) of water, exhausting portion of it and afterward blending in liquor, frequently vodka, enhanced powder, electrolytes and sometimes caffeine.

Views of the Trend on TikTok Have Quickly Passed 82 Million!

Numerous recordings on TikTok have promoted the alleged benefits of drinking a borg, guaranteeing it avoids drying out and the cap stops any endeavor to sedate the drinker.But wellbeing authorities have forewarned that weakening the liquor doesn’t change what understudies would be meant for by the liquor they drank.

TikTok’s ‘Borg’ Drinking Trend: Why Is It So Dangerous?

Different recordings show understudies archiving their “borg” drinking day, checking in with updates which depict their plummet towards inebriation.

Jed Horner, TikTok’s head of wellbeing for Australia, told that “borg” was not trending in Australia.

“To date there has been no neighborhood content made,” he said.

“In addition, we don’t permit content that proposes, portrays or advances the belonging or utilization of cocktails by a minor.”

He said TikTok was “profoundly committed” to giving a protected and positive space for users.

In an explanation, University of Massachusetts said it will survey this end of the week’s occasions and do whatever it may take to further develop liquor training.

“Numerous understudies were noticed conveying plastic gallon compartments, accepted to be ‘borgs‘ (power outage rage gallons, a blend of liquor, electrolytes and water),” the university said.

“Lately, this hitting the bottle hard trend has been progressively portrayed on TikTok and seen on school campuses the nation over.”

None of the rescue vehicle callouts was sorted as dangerous, authorities said.

That Evening, Understudies Were Seen “Conveying Plastic Gallon Holders, Accepted To Be ‘Borgs!’”

These compartments, also known as “power outage rage gallons,” contain a blend of liquor, water, and electrolytes. The #borg TikTok trend, which has collected more than 82 million views, portrays individuals unloading out about portion of the gallon’s water and topping it off with liquor, commonly an alcohol like vodka, alongside juice or electrolytes.

“It’s basically a hack to drink a pack, have an insane evening, and not truly regret it the following day,” one TikToker makes sense of as they collect their mixture, which incorporates a full fifth of liquor. “Gen Z very much like beverages this.”

TikTok’s ‘Borg’ Drinking Trend: Why Is It So Dangerous?

A fifth of liquor likens to about 16 beverages, Nicole Barr, an immediate administrations organizer at the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s Abrons Understudy Wellbeing Center, tells CBS News.

Partygoers have traded the red Solo cup and wilderness juice for the gallon, to some extent because it permits individuals to make their beverage for the actual night. This, thus, can decrease the risks of open holders and depending on others to create your refreshment.


While the benefits of the borg’s top compartment and weakened liquor content can seem like the new highest quality level, these new episodes shed light on viewing web based drinking trends in a serious way and teaching understudies on safe practices.

Around 80% of undergrads drink liquor, with an expected half of that gathering taking part in hard-core boozing, as per the Liquor Recovery Guide.

“UMass authorities said this is whenever the university first has noticed remarkable use of borgs,” the University of Massachusetts explanation read. “They will survey this end of the week’s turns of events and consider moves toward further develop liquor instruction and intercession, and speak with understudies and families.”

None of the episodes at the university this previous end of the week were perilous, authorities report.

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